How Should You Prepare for Microsoft AZ-500 Exam Topics with Practice Tests?

How Should You Prepare for Microsoft AZ-500 Exam Topics with Practice Tests?
How Should You Prepare for Microsoft AZ-500 Exam Topics with Practice Tests?

Microsoft AZ-500 is a qualifying exam that leads to the award of Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate, which is a role-based credential. If you manage Azure security, this test is the right choice to validate your skills as a mid-level professional. The exam measures a variety of technologies and skills. Before taking it, you should have experience in implementing security AZ-204 Tests protection, protecting data, network, and applications in the Cloud and hybrid environment. You also need skills in managing identity & access as part of the end-to-end infrastructure.

Your job roles should include maintaining security postures, recognizing and resolving vulnerability using different security tools, responding to security issues escalations, and implementing threat protection. If you don’t have the prerequisite experience, you may want to consider taking Microsoft AZ-900 to earn the badge in Azure Fundamentals. You may also sit for Alexandra W to develop competence in Azure technologies.

Preparation requirements for Microsoft AZ-500 exam

The first step to preparing for the AZ-500 certification exam is to understand the skills measured in it. Before looking at how to prepare for the test, let’s look at the topics covered in the exam briefly.

  • Managing Identity & Access

This area Alice S of the whole exam content. To develop competence here, you should understand Azure Active Directory, Azure tenant security, and Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management.

  • Implementing Platform Protection

This section Alis X of the exam questions and the areas of focus during your study should include Azure Resource Management Security, Azure Network Security, Azure Container Security, and Azure Host Security. You should also understand the functions of Azure security groups, Azure policies, Azure Firewall, and Virtual Machine system updates.

  • Managing Security Operations

25-30% of the test is from this topic. It covers the areas, such as security alerts management, configuring security policies, and Alyssa C .

  • Securing Data & Applications

This objective covers 20-25% of the questions. It requires one’s skills in configuring security policies for data management and security for data infrastructure. It also covers your expertise in implementing security for app delivery and configuring and managing application security and Key Vault.

With the understanding of the exam topics, the next step would be to choose the appropriate study materials. It doesn’t matter whether you have a budget for your preparation or not. You will find many resources that will help you. You can start with the free online learning path offered by September 09,2020 . Many other free tools are also available online. If you have the budget, enroll for the instructor-led training course offered on the Microsoft Learning Platform.

To have an effective preparation process, it is recommended that you use exam dumps. You can find reliable websites that offer real practice questions and answers for Microsoft AZ-500. Mock tests will help you identify your knowledge gaps while exam dumps will give you a real feel of the actual test.

Final thoughts

To sum it all up, use the resources available to your advantage. Every preparation tool you need to study and pass your August 14,2020 is available, so utilize it to the fullest.

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