How Technology Has Changed Our Lives for the Better or Worse


We are currently living in the 21st Century, the place and time where technology is advancing daily at such rapid speeds that one can only imagine what will be the next breakthrough in the tech world that would bring the next revolution. Technology is basically mankind’s curiosities and urges for the better of human life. Whether it be transportation, education, health, productivity, technology has cover it all and is still advancing in its field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most advanced form of technology which enables machines to make human like decision through machine learning and specially coded software. AI can be found in cars, computer and even in your smartphones right in your pocket! COOL, right? This human urge to keep finding more better and improved ways of living is the reason why we are surrounded by technology.

Although technology has made advancement to have a positive impact but this advancement has brought a curse with it that is deteriorating human lives rather than improving them. We have mentioned 10 different ways how has technology changed our lives for the better or worse.

First, we will start by the 5 better ways that changed our lives through technology:

  1. Communication Has Never Been Faster:

Communication with other people is so easy and fast now, with development in internet and mobile application you can call anyone easily at any time of the day. When telephone was invented it was difficult and expensive to call people but now you are just one tap away from calling a friend and share with them how your day has been. Communication is not limited to text, you can also send and receive, texts, images and videos and a number of other things.

  1. New and Improved Ways of Education:

With new and improved technology teaching students has become more interactive and seamless. You can show you students digital infographics, animated videos and a lot more to educate them even the most complex concepts. Also as recently seen, due to the Covid-19 pandemic students were unable to attend their schools but through technology a lot of different services like Zoom, Google Meets and Skype etc. made it possible for students to receive education by being safe from their homes. Technology has completely changed our lives you can buy your kids smartwatches that can educate them and can keep them active too! Check this article to find the best smartwatch for your little one:

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  1. Fast Exchange of Information:

We all have social media accounts now, we all have access to highly advanced search engines, we are subscribed to online news portals. All of these are hubs through which we can get information which can be different in natures respectively but is still relevant and useful to us.

  1. Advancement in Health:

Health is not of the most important parts of technology. Scientists and doctors are working day and night to make technological advancements in the field of medicine that can guarantee the life expectancy or even increase it in the future. To treat patients with the best of resources possible. Also, we have got gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches that come pre-loaded with sensors that measure stuff like heartrate, footsteps, calories, body temperature and many other things that can monitor a person’s health.

  1. A Visible Increase in Productivity:

Whether it be a big multi-national company or a small business owned by two partners, technology can help you greatly to increase your productivity. With services like cloud-based storage technologies, sleep and compact computer that are easy to move around with and social media marketing one can easily market their products and can get maximum profits. One only has to have knowledge about how to utilize the new technologies or has to train the office staff on such basis that can keep the company model up-to-dated.

We have discussed the better ways of change, now we will discuss the 5 worst ways of how technology has changed our lives:

  1. New Addictions and Illnesses:

With the progress of internet social media has become very popular among teenagers and young adults. They have become so addicted to it that it had become an addiction and they cannot spend even a single day without using social media. With the constant use of mobile phone and computers in uncomfortable body postures for long periods of times it has started to cause several physical and mental illnesses that were never present in humans before.

  1. Critical Thinking Has Died:

We all know that searching answers on the internet is a fast and easier way to get information about something but this way is quite damaging for a human brain. This way of getting information harbors laziness that then affects the critical thinking capabilities of a person. Critical thinking is a quality that enables a person to creatively think about how to solve a problem or how to bring the best possible solution while facing a problem.

  1. Overwhelmingly Fast Exchange of Information:

Exchange of information is a better way how technology has changed lives but through internet information is being exchanged at such rapid rates that a human mind can easily get exhausted and overwhelmed by the constant out-pout of information. Internet is also not a reliable way of information most of the times, one can easily get confused by associating themselves with symptoms of a disease they read on the internet, there are other false political information that is published in order to spread propaganda of hate and maliciousness. Hence, too much information can be damaging too.

  1. Increase in Impatient Behavior:

Have you noticed that whenever the internet is not functioning properly you become frustrated and start to get angry, you sometimes call your internet provider and ask them impatiently to fix your internet. With other ease of services like microwaving your food, automatic washing machines we have become lazy to do even the simplest of chores and get frustrated when we have to do them. This shows too much advancement can somehow leads to a very unhealthy lifestyle and makes one very impatient.

  1. Sometimes Technology Jeopardizes Productivity:

Having the latest of tech and all services to increase productivity can also sometimes turn in a negative way. With having the latest of technology, one must know how to operate and use, if not then such technology is a total waste. Also social media is easily accessible on phones and computer so if employees of a company keep on watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Facebook posts then no productive work will be done in time.

In short, technology has had a pronounced impact on the lives of people, be it children or grown-ups. By launching gadgets like tablets, e-readers, and smartwatches, technology has made our lives more convenient. One amazing manifestation of the progressing technology in the 21st century is the smartwatches for kids. They keep your children up to date, let them play games, and keep you informed of their activities and whereabouts at the same time!

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