How to act and help victims in the event of an accident

The shift in your own car is the most comfortable way to travel for most people, especially those who live in large cities with good public transport networks. That is why every day millions of people choose their car to go to work, home or anywhere they need to go. In addition, in summer, car travel multiplies and the roads become congested and you can buy cars from Auto For Trade.

Throughout the year, and especially in periods such as the departure and return operations in August, the number of accidents may increase, due to the greater number of vehicles on the roads and the type of trips that are carried out. During the many hours that a person spends in their car, it is possible that they will ever witness an accident or a breakdown, so it is vitally important that the driver knows how to proceed if they see an accident on the road or find someone with problems stopped on the road.


The first hour after an accident is vital for the safety of those involved. In fact, according to the Red Cross, up to 57% of deaths occur in the first five minutes after suffering the incident. That is why, in case of being a witness, and as long as the emergency bodies are not already on the scene working, it is necessary to park the car safely in a place that does not obstruct traffic and go to help the victims following the conduct PAS.

It is important to know the PAS behavior | Photo: Agencies

PAS conduct consists of three parts. The first is to ‘ Protect ‘ yourself and the injured person by putting on the vest and placing the warning triangles, in addition to turning on the emergency lights of the car to alert other drivers and circulate more wisely. The next phase is ‘ Alert ‘, that is to say, call 112 and ask the emergency services to attend the accident as quickly as possible, reporting the status of the vehicle and the occupants who have suffered the accident. Finally, the third phase is’ Help‘. If you do not have notions of first aid, you will have to evaluate the state of the accident victims. After a strong impact, it is important not to move the victims because they could have suffered significant injuries, in addition to, if the affected person is a motorcyclist, not to remove the helmet so as not to endanger them in the event of possible head or neck injuries. If there is bleeding, the affected area will be pressed to try to cut it. Finally, if you have knowledge of first aid and the victims are unconscious, it will be necessary to verify that they have not entered cardiorespiratory arrest.

In the event that it is a breakdown that forces a driver to stop to help another, the procedure will be similar to the previous one, maintaining PAS behavior. First, you must park the car in a safe place and proceed to indicate the problem through the warning triangles and hazard lights. We must not forget these steps or put on the vest, as omitting them can be a reason for a fine by the authorities. Thereafter, if the mechanical problem cannot be patched on site, assistance services will be alerted to come and take care of the situation.

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