How to Act on Social Networks to Avoid Hate

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Many people start profiles on social networks to watch others and share some moments from their lives. However, if you have a sensitive soul, you should be ready to run into different people. And not all of them will share your opinion or like your new haircut. You cannot wall yourself off from the world in social networks if you have an open account and leave comments under someone’s pics. Well, some people note that negativity has become commonplace on the web, so if you are going to become a blogger and lead an active social life, you will hardly be able to avoid haters. Even if you are the kindest person in the world and always ready to help your friend, for example, you can write me an essay online, you may still face an awful attitude. Nonetheless, you can try to sidestep the mines and learn to react to them right.

Who are haters?

It’s worth considering why people leave negative comments and send strangers messages full of hate. Let’s divide such people into three categories.

  1. People with a negative way of thinking

They look at the world through “dirty” glasses because they are used to this way of thinking. So, they cannot but respond negatively to everything since they focus only on things’ dark side.

  1. People who want to enhance their value

While someone constantly works on themselves to become better, others do their best to increase their value at others’ expense. They start literally boiling inside when they run into a better person or who has something unavailable for them. Thus, if a student can buy academic paper, others may start blaming them, even though they would like to have such an opportunity. Pointing out someone’s weak spots, they try to demonstrate their superiority.

  1. People who search for their five minutes of fame

They hope that their “witty” comment will collect many likes, or someone may even take a screenshot of such a “masterpiece,” and they will get their five minutes of fame on the web. And as you know, negative comments draw much attention and stand out from the rest.

Behavior patterns to provoke less hate

First, you should remember one great statement – you cannot swim if you don’t touch the water surface. If you are a public person, you will face hate anyway. Thus, instead of self-searching and focusing on their “undeserved” attitude, continue to go your way and do what is important to you.

Analyze your content

If you have chosen provocations as a main driving force, don’t get surprised to see indignations. However, it’s crucial to stay correct and polite, bringing out your ideas. It’s worth analyzing people’s reactions to your content and whether you have managed to get out the message. You should constantly work on yourself and change some aspects if your main goal requires that.

Don’t overdo it with similar photos

It’s too much to post ten similar pics with a bit different angle and filters even if you are on vacation. It irritates people since you overwhelm their newsfeed with your uninteresting photos. The same goes for selfies and photos in which you are not in the best condition. Men shouldn’t experiment with taking selfies in the mirrors as girls do. And the latter shouldn’t overdo with applying filters. Nobody is interested in low-quality content. Since most social networks are based on visual aspects, you should pay special attention to them.

Don’t upload too personal content

If you don’t want to face serious arguing with your family and friends, not to mention personal relationships, you shouldn’t demonstrate your dirty laundry. When you make private conversations public, you can find yourself in the epicenter of hate. When you complain about a broken nail or a conflict with a boss, you “charge” the atmosphere with negativity.

Don’t write unchecked info

When you post something, you should make sure that your statements are correct and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Social networks are a public place where people should respect each other, so if you don’t want to face hate, be careful with your actions and expressions. Ambiguous jokes can negatively affect your reputation in the long run.

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