How to Bond Metal to Metal Without Welding

When it comes to joint any metals, we always suggest using a welder machine. Because of its sustainability, welding is the first choice on the list. But, if you ask me How to bond metal to metal without welding, I can give you the quickest solution. Try using bondic glue and find the easiest and safest solution to join the metal.  

After completing the bondic review you will learn how this glue device easily attaches two metals. Also, there is no dangerous material that may harm your skin. The adhesiveness of this material is far better than any other glue. Have a look at this content to get the proper idea about this Bondic.

What is Bondic Glue?

Bondic is basically a liquid plastic glue along with UV light. This is another effective way of welding to join metal. We all know that the welder machine helps to join the metal in an effective way. Also, when we heard about the glue, we think that only light materials can be joint.

But, Bondic glue not only helps to join the light material but also this glue works on metal. The UV light of this device point to the exact place. This glue looks like a pen and simply you can place the bondic where you want to work. The working process is quick and the glue only needs 4 seconds to dry.

This glue applies the reparation method to join the metal. Like others, this glue doesn’t take time to harden the broken parts. Also, it will not be hardened, until you turn on the UV light. This glue ensures the permanent solution also, this is not dangerous like other glue.

How to bond metal to metal without welding

Suppose you are working with metal materials. Suddenly you need to join two metals for creating a shape. And you don’t have any welding machine near you. Now, how to bond metal to metal without welding? To join the metal, you can approach so many ways. By applying glue, nanomaterials, or by applying the soldering process. But which one will be easier for you? Let’s find out.


When people heard about the glue, at first, they feel confused. Normally, we use any kind of glue to join broken objects like eyeglasses, ceramic, etc. But how can it be possible to join two metals with a glue? Well, the fact is you can join the metal, if you use the Bondic glue. 

This glue is sustainable than others and provides longer service with effective performance. This glue stick has a UV light that helps to dry out the stickiness within 4 seconds. Also, the adhesiveness of this glue is far stronger than other glues.


Though this nanomaterials concept is completely new for many people and still is developing. But you can also use this material to join the metal. Or you can create a sculpture through this material. 

To join the metal with this nanomaterial, use chemicals and 3D printing methods. Those mixtures help to create a solid bond between two metals. To join heavy component’s this technology works efficiently.


Though this process is compared to the welding process it is quite different from welding. In the soldering process, you have to work with electrical connections. To join the metal this method, use the soft alloy of the metal. Besides metal, you can use silver, zinc, or bismuth to join the metal. To melt the alloys, you need a minimum temperature and you can join two metals strongly.

Key Features of Bondic

As we already mention that there are so many ways to join the metal without welding. Also, we clarify that Bondic glue can be your great savior. Now, here we present some key features of this stick.

Resistance Power

In other glue, you will find the stickiness. Though the bondic is also sticky it only remains for some time. Because of its quick-dry process, people use it. With other glue, there is a chance of damaging the product or those that can leave a stain. 

But, with Bondic you have no chance to get any stain. Besides, UV light helps to use the glue in a specific place. Also, this glue ensures the durability of the objects and make sure it can sustain for a longer period of time.

Easy Use

 If you choose other glues, you have to use a nozzle cap to maintain quality. But, in the Bondic glue, you don’t have to use any cap or pin to close it. This is like a pen and delivers the sticky glue only when you need it. There are no technical mechanics that you have to follow to use.

Save Money

This bondic glue use can save your time and money both. How? Well, in the case of other glues you have to throw it after one use. Because whatever you do, the glue will dry. But, in Bondic, you don’t have to throw it. You can use it as long as you want.

Super Effective

The Bondic glue is super effective and the performance on any metal is good. You only need 4 seconds to recover the problem. Either your glass is broken or you need to join any metal, just keep the Bondic kit on top of the objects. Drop the glue as much as needed and keep the UV light on. Voila, your broken objects will be repaired instantly.

Good Quality

The bondic glue materials are good enough to use. After one use or keeping the glue stick for a long time can dry out maximum time. But, The Bondic glue normally doesn’t dry out and you can use this for almost 1 year without any problem.

Final Thought

Here I added the features that will clarify why you need to use Bondic glue for joining two metals. If you have still confusion about How to bond metal to metal without welding you can read the article again. Go through the Bondic review, why you need to choose the glue for metal. 

For metal purposes, the welding machine is a common solution. But, you need more accessories, time, and arrangements. But, if you choose the Bondic glue stick, this will give you a sustainable and longer solution within a few seconds. Also, this is very simple to apply and you don’t have to spend so much money on that. So, I would suggest using this glue, for a smarter solution.

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