How to Buy Glasses with Smart Buy Glasses?

How to Buy Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses

Your prescription eyeglasses can be delivered to your doorstep. Buying online can be scary because scammers are all over the internet. But, online retailers like SmartBuyGlasses have proved to be reliable in providing objective lenses that match your needs.

With your prescription, you present it to SmartBuyGlasses and your type of eyeglasses is delivered to your doorstep as agreed. The technical part should not worry you because all you do is follow a few steps, and the process is complete. The online service is accessible to all glass wearers and they are only required to place their order online and the glasses are delivered to them.


Steps to Buy Glasses with SmartBuyGlasses

  1. Get the Prescription

First, you need to visit an ophthalmologist: A doctor who takes care of your eye and vision needs. They diagnose and provide prescriptions for eyeglasses or contact lenses depending on a patient’s need.

If you have any questions regarding eye care, this is the specialist who will undoubtedly answer all of them. Also, it would help if you got a professional opinion from an optician to get custom made glasses. They measure pupil distance then offer you relevant information that is helpful for you to get the best lenses and frames for your glasses in a prescription.

SmartBuyGlasses’ Virtual Try-On Technology

With your conclusive prescription at hand, search for SmartBuyGlasses online and select the ideal eyeglasses or sunglasses for you. Eyeglasses are personal, and each individual needs a customized look which is why SmartBuyGlasses uses the new technology Virtual Try-on Tool (VTO). It is a technology that allows visitors to try glasses using a webcam to avoid surprises or style risks in the choice you make.

  1. Filter to get the Right Frame

Whether you have a pair of glasses in mind that you would like to get, browse through the extensive collection offers on SmartBuyGlasses and make a choice. Once you have settled for the pair of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses that appeals to you, go ahead and place your order online. SmartBuyGlasses accommodates everyone with a budget option for everyone, styles, and diverse eye care needs.

Frame shape: Getting the right eyeglasses frames complements your most outstanding features, and you should consider the shape of your face while making this decision. But how? Look into a mirror and determine what shape your face is, before you go shopping.

Frame size: Knowing your face shape will make it easy for you to know the best eyeglass frames for you. Make sure they fit your kind of face perfectly because if they are too small or too big, then your face will appear inappropriate, thus giving you a weird look.

Eyeglasses need to be fit to keep them secure and in place always whereas a narrow pair can restrict proper blood flow. If you want to replace your old frames and they fit you perfectly, then all you need to do is check the measurement engraved on the temple and present them online.

  1. Enter Your Prescription

You are almost done with the process of buying your eyeglasses or sunglasses online. You have chosen the frames, and now the only thing remaining is to present the frame measurements to fit your prescription lenses. SmartBuyGlasses provides a dialogue box for you to enter these details manually or upload them in the system.

  1. Checkout & shipping

The final stage is providing your check out details, and you can pay with a card or PayPal then sit back and wait for your new glasses to be delivered. Your order will now be processed and delivered on the exact day as agreed.

Whatever your style or eye care needs, this online retailer will cater to your needs from the massive collection of designer styles and brands. Also, there is a 24-month warranty on every piece of merchandise you purchase from SmartBuyGlasses, free shipping to the address you provide, and the best part. They have the best unbeatable prices in the market.

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