How to Change Shipping Costs on Amazon Seller Central

If you are fond of building a successful business on Amazon, you should be ready for what is going to be an uphill and time-consuming process. Along with lots of rules and regulations imposed by Amazon, you should be extra careful when it comes to setting up shipping rates. Amazon accounts can run into problems when it comes to shipping, which is why we at Got Suspended Clients Amazon reinstatement services team have set this blog for you to read.

Keep in mind that by operating on Amazon, you should always keep your organization’s shipping rates up to date, since it is vital for ensuring that your customers are being charged in a proper way. As a rule, every organization’s account has a special Shipping section where one can change the shipping information.

For setting up your shipping information, you should implement the following steps:

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Then go to “Your Info and Policies” and click on Settings
  • Then click “Shipping” in order to load Shipping confirmation page
  • Finally, click on the shipping rate which you want to change and enter a new cost in the Edit section. You have to repeat this process for each rate that you have decided to change.
  • Click Save in order to save your edited shipping rate

By changing the rate, you can also change any information concerning your shipping, such as duration, locales, and product-specific exceptions.

Keep in mind that if you are offering per-item shipping, you should set a charge for every shipment separately. Once you sell a product, Amazon will apply your per-shipment charge by calculating it for each item in the order.

How to Calculate Shipping Rates?

By using the Shipping settings section, you can also select the method that you use for calculating shipping rates. There are two ways of calculating your shipping rates: Item-based and price-tier shipping.

  • Item-based shipping allows you to set a price for each of the shipments and charge for handling

With price-tier shipping, you’re allowed to:

  • Set a range of prices, and each of the prices have their own shipping rates

Keep in mind that all the changes within your shipping settings can enter into force after four hours. So you will have additional time to check if everything has been done in a proper way!

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