How to Choose Florals and Stick to a Wedding Flower Budget

A wedding without flowers is like a cupcake without frosting.

Flowers add a little touch of magic to any wedding. Bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and decorative flowers enhance every wedding theme, from winter wonderland weddings to breezy beachside events.

Every newlywed couple knows how quickly wedding costs add up. Fortunately, your wedding flowers don’t have to take such a large chunk out of your budget.

Start planning your dream wedding with these must-have wedding flower budget tips!

Shop Local

It’s easy to go with a large nationwide wedding vendor, but how much are you saving by going big?

Start with flower shops in the area. Feel free to inquire about local discounts or other wedding specials for clients.

Since local flower shops are nearby, they’re better at delivering personalized service. Instead of dealing with one rep after another, enjoy a direct line of communication with the florist.

You can also use the same local vendor for your future baby shower or bachelorette party!

Hunt for Wedding Season Discounts

As a future newlywed, you need as many wedding discounts as you can find. Luckily, there are plenty of coupons, promo codes, rebates, and special offers available.

Start with your favorite coupon database website. These sites aggregate promo codes and current deals from most online retailers. These sites are ideal for finding deals on corsages, flower gifts, floral crowns, and smaller floral items you can buy in bulk.

If you’re making your own wedding floral creations, look for deals on ribbons, floral wire, faux flowers, hot glue, and more craft supplies.

Don’t forget the Sunday newspaper! Google may be the new front page for readers, but newspapers are packed with coupons, especially Sunday editions.

Along with coupons, you can find rebates, weekend sale announcements, free gift vouchers, and even stackable coupons.

Grow Your Own Flowers

Do you have a green thumb?

Break tradition by growing your own wedding flowers!

This idea is an excellent option for couples who have land or large backyards.

However, your growing conditions will dictate your flower choices, in part. Some wedding flowers flourish in drier conditions, while others bloom in moist environments. Don’t worry; no matter where you live, there are plenty of homegrown wedding flowers to consider.

Give yourself plenty of time to grow your flowers; you’ll need them fresh on the big day!

Homegrown flowers are ideal for several wedding themes, too, especially rustic weddings. Wildflowers are perfect for outdoor weddings and cabins. Fresh homegrown flowers make a lovely addition to springtime and summer weddings.

You don’t have to use florals, either. Instead of traditional wedding flowers, grow lush ferns, ivy, and myrtle; this greenery looks great on its own, sprinkled with a little dried baby’s breath.

Maximize Your Wedding Flower Budget

Don’t max out your budget on the flowers! Follow these tips to save money on the wedding of your dreams.

Your wedding flower budget is a critical part of your event. Check out the blog to discover more must-have tips and tricks for the big day.

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