How to choose high-quality storage racks?

Storage Racks

Racking is something that is used in all walks of life today, as long as your products need to be stored you need to use racking. Different warehouse racks should be used for warehouses that store different goods. In the selection, should be based on the library capacity, the type of goods stored, the number, the frequency of access, storage requirements, storage cost level and other parameters for reasonable selection and design.

1, The warehouse racks selection principles.

(1) The principle of practicality: racks should first meet the requirements of the variety, size and performance of the stored goods, to meet the requirements of the principle of first-in-first-out materials, while suitable for supporting mechanical access operations.

(2) Low cost and high-efficiency principle: according to the variety of stored goods, quantity, and load requirements to choose the corresponding material racks, according to the needs of storage management to choose the traditional type or new rack, fully consider the cost of racks in the warehouse and the economic benefits generated.

(3) The principle of safety and reliability: the strength of the rack should meet the requirements of the load and have a certain amount of safety margin. For the storage of dangerous goods, racks should have special provisions.

(4) Try to use the principle of first-in-first-out technology: the use of first-in-first-out technology of shelves can realize the mechanization and modernization of storage management and improve the utilization rate of shelves.

2. The choice of racks in different situations.

(1) The choice of racks when converting the warehouse: there are many enterprises that will be the original stack storage warehouse converted into a shelves storage warehouse, in order to facilitate the utilization of the warehouse and operational efficiency. As the warehouse is converted on the basis of the original old warehouse, the height of the warehouse is low, so try to use low and medium pallet racks in order to gradually achieve mechanized operations. In addition, in order to improve the inventory capacity, a mezzanine floor can also be used.

(2) The choice of new three-dimensional warehouse shelves: the new three-dimensional warehouse, should be based on the variety of stored goods, specifications, load, frequency of entry and exit and the size of the warehouse, and the height of the warehouse to make a reasonable choice. For small warehouses, if the general degree of automation, you can choose pallet racks, gravity flow racks, and mobile shelves; for a high degree of automation in large high-rise three-dimensional warehouse, you can choose pallet shelves or automated storage shelves, in order to facilitate the computer to achieve automatic control.

(3) Fixed shelves and mobile shelves of choice: for fixed shelves, because the technology is more mature, and can draw on more experience, investment is also relatively small. Mobile shelves are suitable for the storage of a variety of materials, the number of small, picking operations-based warehouses.

3. What kind of storage rack is of high quality?

(1) From the material of the shelves, the cold-rolled steel profiles that meet the national standards are the best.

(2) From the structure of the shelf, the column is one of the main components to support the load-bearing of the shelf. The more bends in the cross-section of the shelves and the more uniform the structure are, the better the shelves are, the more hooks on the shelves and the form of the shelves hanging to the columns, the more hooks on the shelves are better, the more the force is good. Shelves of the beam to see the inside of the hooks of the beam to the side of the column closely without a gap so that the structure can be a stable and good force, durable.

(3) From the surface treatment of the shelves. The surface treatment of the shelves, related to the shelves in a variety of environments, such as moisture, etc., always tests the ability to withstand the surface of the shelves. Shelf surface treatment such as spray paint should be evenly in place, check with a hard object to tap, such as very easy to fall off is an indication that the shelf is easy to rust.

(4) Welding process. According to the standard welding process to deal with, a welding position full of no omissions, generally can guarantee the quality of the shelves.

Purchasing warehouse shelves, you need to pay attention to these few details.

(1) Racks of spraying

Surface treatment is not only for aesthetic appearance, more importantly, to prevent storage shelves in the process of use rust, waterproof anti-rust treatment can extend the service life of storage shelves.

(2) Design of racks

Shelf design is generally customized according to the customer’s warehouse, storage items, shelf weight and other specific circumstances, different customers have different needs, the complexity of its design, the choice of materials, material thickness, production processes, installation complexity, etc. are different, but also determines the cost of different prices.

(3) Material selection of shelves

Shelf material selection refers to the material selected and the thickness of the material, the shelf deformation or simply can not carry the intended weight after a short period of use, is what customers do not want to see, Xinmiao company according to customer demand for bearing the choice of high-quality steel and suitable thickness, to ensure that the shelf bearing capacity, so that customers can safely and securely use.

(4) Welding of racks

The welding process is a very critical part of the shelf process, shelf welding is a local rapid heating and cooling process, the welding area due to the constraint of the surrounding workpiece body and can not be free to expand and contract, after cooling in the welded parts will produce welding stress and deformation, this is also very easy to identify, careful observation will know good and bad. The material of the shelf is generally selected from cold-rolled steel profiles, preferably the national standard.

(5) Installation of racks

Racking installation is the last work of shelf supply, but also a very important step, we recommend that you choose a formal shelf company, generally, they are a professional installation team, more understanding of the installation of shelves. Xinmiao rack has a professional installation service after-sales team qualification, for the safe storage of the warehouse escort, so that customers are safe and worry-free.

The above is the answer to the question “how to choose quality storage racks”, I hope it can help you. Here, I recommend China pallet racking, which is the most widely used warehouse rack, both in terms of price and quality, I believe this will be your better choice.

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