How to choose the best email verification service in the digital age?

You might not be aware of all the hidden pitfalls in email marketing. Some of them are:

  • People do timely alteration in the email addresses or they might use temporary ones
  • Sometimes email addresses can be either stolen or become a part of an online fraud scheme. 

Reaching invalid inboxes can be similar to playing with fire in your marketing funnel and also disrupt the reputation of the sender. The relieving idea is that there are innumerable tools that will usually weed out any inactive or fraudulent email addresses in your mailing list and save valuable time and your sender reputation. To help you find the best email validation services, you should consider the below pointers and prevent hassles for yourself. Hence, let’s dig deep into the well and know some priceless advice that can make your day!

Things you should consider when choosing an email validation service

Email validation, or verification, is a basic way to keep your database in a good condition. Generally, it never really vary from provider to provider and usually includes things like a syntax check, catch-all server detection, a domain check, and SMTP authentication.

With these platforms, you can easily create advertising and occasional email campaigns and use trigger emails for milestones: for instance, you can offer all the customers in your mailing list a discount on the occasion of their birthday.

Sign up and send your first campaign

The process of email address validation is quite easy to understand. At first, you need to add an email address or upload a bulk email file mainly in these three formats that are .txt, .csv, or .xls. And after performing a usual review, you can either easily download all of the email addresses or filter them.

The differences between email validation services depend upon the different criteria. Here is the list of criteria you should consider while comparing them:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Data security and GDPR compliance
  • Additional features included in the plan
  • Free plan or trial availability
  • Pricing

In addition, actually verifying email addresses, some platforms usually provide additional services such as:

  • Real-time and batch email verification API
  • Free verification sampling
  • Bounce rate estimation
  • An inbox placement tester
  • An email server tester

Usually placed as email verification and easy to deliver toolkit, a majority of these providers are in compliance with GDPR and generally offers services such as cleaning up your mailing list, removing all the illegitimate addresses, spam traps, and abuse email addresses. The icing on a cake in some platforms is that they provide a scoring system that usually rates the value of an email address and abscond catch-all email addresses that has less to no activity.

There are some platforms also that usually have a scrubbing system that assists you to get more info about your prospects, for instance, their full name, gender, and demography. Some providers might also have an API in case you need to accommodate their bulk email verification software into your subscription service.

Calling it a day

It can obviously be very challenging to opt for the best email verification service. Undoubtedly, even the big names show that they can significantly differ in the results they usually provide and the financials that are involved.

The need for different platforms depends on your different requirement such as:

  • You can look for more simplistic and budget options
  • You can extend your cold outreach
  • You may need some database insights
  • You may need one that suits the B2B business model

Hence, you should choose the platform that suits you best and fulfill your needs.

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