How to choose the best laptop for students – Buying Guide

As we all know, Nowadays most of the students are doing their homework and attending their classes online with the help of a laptop and an internet connection. But, most of them were failed to choose the best laptop with the necessary specs. I am going to tell you a few tips that will surely help you to purchase the best laptop with more durability. 

The brands like Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo will be the best brands that will offer a laptops with budget price.

For the students, Mostly they use the laptop for assignment/homework submission, attending online classes, sending the mails, and running some software like c, c++, Java, Python, etc. If you are a gamer then it’s recommended to go with a gaming laptop. But, you need to invest more. For students, the following steps will help to choose the best.

Here a few points you must consider while purchasing a laptop:


Initially you need to set up your budget and based on the price we can select the laptops. If you wanna really go with a laptop with high specs then surely you need to invest more. But for students, it is more than enough if spend 40k. Anyone can easily purchase the best laptop with all the specs needed.

Processor & Ram:  

This is a very important thing which we must think about while purchasing a laptop. So, the laptop with an updated generation and a powerful ram will give the best performance. Processors like AMD, Intel are the most famous. You can choose any one of the processors. If you wanna work more with video editing, graphics and multimedia then, it’s recommended to go with AMD Ryzen 5 or AMD Ryzen 7 processors. else, you can go with intel. 

Coming to RAM, choose DDR4 or DDR5 with 4 GB or 8 GB will help to run fast without any lag



NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti will help you to bloom in a graphical world with a perfect HD gaming experience. You can also choose AMD Radeon. Coming to Intel Integrated graphics, It will also give the best performance. since the laptop is for students. Students may spend some time playing games on a laptop. For this, the basic graphics are needed. you can choose any one of the Graphics from above.

Display & Size: 

Mostly larger display will give you the best feeling in Entertainment like watching movies, web series. Choose the laptop with 14 or 15 inches. But it doesn’t matter about size, it’s up to you. But, Better go with an IPS screen with the antiglare display.

Storage & battery: 

Here, you can choose with a minimum of 1 TB of hard disk including with 256 GB of SSD will be the best. One can even go with only a hard disk or SSD. Based on their storage use they can select the HDD or SSD. 

We cannot know when the power will off, So it recommended to choose the laptop with good battery backup. Without a good battery, Laptop is a complete waste.


Finally, Follow the above steps and choose the best laptop. Also, Just look at the warranty time. Please don’t purchase if the laptop is not having a minimum 1 year warranty period. Here the 16 best laptops for under 40000 in India  . Choose the best. Happy Learning !! 


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