How to Choose The Large Framed Wall Art For Your Space

When you are planning to decorate the blank wall, bigger is always better. So, cover the feature wall of your home with large framed wall prints. 

Framed wall art adds a unique touch and style to your interior. But, choosing the best-framed wall print can be challenging for first-time buyers. So, here are the tips and tricks to buy large framed prints for your space.

Choosing a Frame

Before choosing a frame, you have to question yourself a little. For example, what is the size of your wall art? Will I mount it or place it or lean it on the wall over the furniture? And what is the style of the frame?

If your wall is considerably large, you must opt for a large frame. The small frame will look very insignificant on this wall. The mounting process of canvas usually demands prominent frames, and it looks more finished.

Matching your frames or not matching them is totally up to you. Two colors of frames in multiple wall art look good and stylish. In contrast, a single color signifies uniformity and stability.

A metallic frame with a contemporary styled area and a wooden one looks better on rustic and raw setups.

Match the room style


Different types of sizable canvas go with another kind of space. If your home decor is modern, you can opt for the abstract, minimalistic or bold piece. The bohemian setting goes with earthy, retro, and rustic wall arts.

You can express yourself in your bedroom with a calming landscape or anything that interests you. A graffiti wall art for your young one’s room will look happening. A framed polished look for the dining area looks so complete.

Material, Color, and Style

The frame must be in perfect balance and usually subtle so that it doesn’t overpower the artwork. A-frame, which is overly designed and patterned, goes out with particular pieces and should be used when you are sure about the outcome.

A black and white frame is the most common, safe, and elegant frame color. In addition, a black frame adds depth to the wall art, whereas white goes with bright spaces.

Dark wood or golden leaf frame perfectly matches with traditional wall art and has a subject matter. Abstract wall arts look good with thin frames. 

There are so many options while choosing a frame, but keep in mind the wall art style. You can always play safe with white and black frames, as they are evergreen.

Select a Theme


Select a theme for your large framed wall art. For example, if you are a fan of exclusive wall art, opt for patent wall art in your living room. Also,  a framed black and white large canvas of your family photos looks good on a bedroom wall.

If your living room is of contemporary style, you can opt for abstract minimalism. Match your large framed wall art with different themes for different spaces of your house.

Summing up

A large framed wall art looks so premium and satisfying with that finished look. They look good in modern spaces and have a sense of completion. Keep in mind the room, the size of the wall and placement before hanging them.

Taking care of small details and executing them bring out the essence of your wall art. Wall arts are one of the most prominent decor elements of any space. With these handy tips, explore the different types of large framed wall art and make your place more welcoming.

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