How to Choose the Most Effective Broadband Service in your Location?

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India has some of the biggest population of active internet users in the world, with the number reaching almost 743 million subscribers, a majority of who are broadband customers. Fixed-line broadband is one of the most preferred internet connections in India, due to its fast connection speed and inexpensive data bundle. The broadband can also be shared between family members or roommates sharing accommodation which makes it perfect for small households. It can be confusing to choose the right connection, especially with as many as 350 internet service providers that operate throughout the country. To select the right service provider, we need to evaluate the various ISPs that are operating in your locality. As you search for “broadband services near me” you will get providers operating in your area; however, you may need to delve deeper and check some of the important things that all effective broadband services should provide.

  • Download Speed: The top broadband providers should provide a high-speed internet connection to their customers. Understandably, this may not reflect in all plans of the provider as the most basic plans may have lower speed limited data connection speeds; however, it has to provide high-speed connection options to the customers too. The speed is given the most weightage while considering which broadband service to take.
  • Data Limit: The internet speed is not of much use if the broadband plan does not come with much data limit. A small data cap on the Fair Usage Policy or FUP is too low and gets exhausted by the mid of the month. You would need to select a provider that provides a generous data limit to enjoy the high-speed connection.
  • Add on services – The add-on services such as subscriptions to the OTT content apps can help you enjoy the broadband connection even more. This means that apart from work, you can also use the internet connection for entertainment. You can evaluate the broadband connections based on the additional services they provide.
  • Free router – While you are selecting the broadband plans, you also need to keep it in mind that you may need to shell out more money to buy a compatible router to make the most out of the connection. A basic router will only give you speed up to a certain limit. Some premium broadband providers have been giving their customers free compatible high-speed routers with their broadband connection.
  • Calls: The Broadband providers who also have telecom in their bouquet of services may also offer free calls as a part of their broadband offering. This would include both STD and Local calls through a fixed landline.

One of the premium ISPs, Airtel provides one of the best broadband connections in the country. It ticks all the right boxes with Unlimited data with all Airtel Broadband plans, Up to 1 Gbps data speed, free high-speed router, and free unlimited STD and Local calls. The broadband connection also comes with benefits such as a free subscription to Amazon Prime and other OTT apps. To get a new Airtel broadband connection, you can go to the Airtel website, choose your city, and the plan that you want to opt for. Airtel broadband plans start at just INR 499 per month.

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