How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Inverter?

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Inverter

An irregular power supply is a common problem that is persistent in India- whether it is a metropolitan city or small villages. As every one of us depends on gadgets and electronic appliances,  when the power supply gets cut, life seems to stop. With the ongoing pandemic, most of the people are working from home, and if there is a power cut situation, it can impact your work routine and create issues for you. Therefore, to avoid such difficult situations, you must have the best power backup system. Such systems include the best battery for inverter so you get an uninterrupted supply of power.

A battery is an essential component of an inverter, and you can either purchase the battery separately or along with an inverter. Buy the best battery for inverter based on your power backup needs. Apart from ensuring efficiency, battery type and battery capacity are equally essential for choosing the right battery for your inverter. The reliance on these batteries is extremely high as the performance, and life of the inverter depend on it.

There are reputable brands like Luminous that offer the best battery for inverter that is designed and manufactured using the latest technology.

Before making any choice, you should consider these things to select the best battery for inverter:

  1. Analyse Your Power Requirement

Knowing the power requirement of your home is a crucial factor for selecting the best battery for inverter. Calculate the daily usage of electricity of your home appliances and equipment which you want to run during a power failure. It may include a fan, CFL/LED, television, tube light, and other similar equipment. Also, if the mains are switched off, you can figure out the average running load on the inverter; therefore, this will enable you to choose an ideal battery accordingly.

  1. Battery Capacity

A battery is the backbone of your inverter. The working and the life of your inverter will depend upon the type and quality of battery you choose. The battery of your inverter is responsible for providing power backup, which is expressed in Ah (ampere-hours). Battery capacity ranging between 60Ah to 220Ah is required for homes depending upon your suitability. While choosing the best battery for inverter, ensure that your battery is capable enough to take the load of all home appliances that you want to run during the entire  power outage duration

  1. Understand the Battery Size Requirement

Before you select the battery for your inverter, you should check the size of the battery that is needed. If you purchase a battery that does not match the size of your inverter, you will not get the desirable results. Hence, the size of the battery is an important factor to consider. With so many options available in the market, there are batteries ranging from 60Ah to 220Ah; it is vital that you choose the best battery for inverter with appropriate backup delivery.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Battery

When looking for the best battery for inverter, it is important to understand your needs and then choose from the various types of battery technologies available. There are two types of batteries:

  • Flat Plate Batteries

In a flat battery, the shape of the plate (as the name suggests) is almost flat. The plate consists of 2 components – structure (made from a lead alloy) and chemically active components (made from lead dioxide). The flat design ensures high current discharge and faster charge recovery. They provide an uninterrupted supply of power to your electric devices and home appliance during frequent power cuts.

  • Tubular Batteries

The plates of a tubular battery have a pencil-like structure. The inner core of the pencil is made of solid lead alloy, which is used as a current conductor. Chemically active components are placed around the inner core. The pencil-like structure is surrounded by resin-treated cloth to retain everything inside. These tubular plate  are ideal for heavy load. They are an ideal choice for deep cycle and frequent power cut applications.

Choose the Best Battery for Inverter

These factors will enable you to choose the right battery for your inverter. It is advisable to purchase a battery from reliable brands like Luminous. They offer a comprehensive range of flat plate, tubular, and GEL inverter batteries. Understand your power consumption needs and buy the best battery for inverter to safeguard yourself from power hassles.

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