How to choose the right generator for your house?

Generators are a much-needed product for a household in today’s world. We fully depend upon electricity and can’t go without it even for a few hours. So generators work like a substitute for electricity in our households when power outages happen. 

It helps us run events in our households, keeps our foods fresh even if a power outage happens. So to keep up with the lifestyle we have made for ourselves, generators are an important product. 

  • Confusion? 

But have you ever thought of buying it? You may get confused with which generator to buy, about its quality, durability, and so on. 

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Apart from it, there are certain other criteria that you can look up to select the best-suited generator for your house.

  • Define your wattage:

It is important to know what size to buy, even if it’s a generator. Suppose you have to lighten up one bulb and one fan, but you are buying a big size generator for your house, then you are investing in waste.

So check how much wattage do you need for the generator to bear and accordingly choose a size.

Don’t know how much wattage you need for your house? You can check out several wattage calculators available online to know how much wattage your house needs.

  • Having a high-end rectifier:

In some newly launched generators, a high-end rectifier converts the electric outputs into smoother sine waves. You may think about what is the need for this. 

But sensitive electrical equipment like laptops needs these smoother waves to work better. So if you need to work with any sensitive electrical equipment, choose the generators with high-end rectifiers.

  • Engine type:

Most generators have 4-stroke engines. They don’t need the oil to get mixed with fuel. But some 2-stroke engines are more cumbersome to fuel. 

But if you need a generator within a low budget, you can go for this 2-stroke engine. It has a very less price because the building price is also low.

  • Fuel needed:

Almost all generators work with gasoline. But some need propane to run. It doesn’t matter what fuel a generator uses, but you have to check its fuel efficiency and fuel intake. You can visit 10 power up reviews for detailed information before buying any generator. 

Note down how much time your generator will run per unit of fuel. 

  • Run time:

This is also another important criteria you should check before buying. Check out how many hours your generator can run continuously. Accordingly, buy if it suits your needs and requirements.


It is important to have a generator, but it is also important to have one with good quality, which will go in the long run.

Check out 10 Power Up reviews for more information regarding any generator, and then buy one that suits you the best.

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