How To Create the Perfect Cinematic Environment in Your Brisbane Home?

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The TV and home theater technology has improved significantly. It is possible to get a perfect cinematic environment in your home. In simple words, you don’t need to go to the theater for the best cinematic experience. Here we have shared tips on how to get a fantastic movie experience at home:

Invest in a Good Television

A 4K TV has a higher resolution than a full HD television set.  It renders four times more details on the screen. The 4K TV is available in various screen sizes, starting from 42-inch to 65-inch.

Apart from hiring a leading home theatre installation Brisbane company, you need to consider the viewing room’s size when deciding the right size. For example, the minimum viewing distance for 4K TV is 3.5 feet while the minimum viewing distance for 65-inch 4K TV is 6.4 feet.

You would be surprised to know that the average house block size of Brisbane is 600 square meters. It means most Brisbane residents can plan a separate TV viewing room to get the best cinematic experience.

Look for Wide Color Gamut

The color quality depends on the color gamut. An HDTV can display around 17 million colors while a 4K TV can display a billion. In simple words, the 4K TV picture quality is more like real-life pictures.  Depending on your budget, you need to select a TV with the widest color gamut.

Get Immersive Sound

According to recent study findings, an individual in metro cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth spends around 147 minutes every day watching TV. The cinematic experience cannot be complete with great visuals alone. You need to invest in a good sound system for an immersive sound experience.

The problem with new televisions is their screen are so slim that there is no place to fit a good speaker system. Hence, you need to invest in a good speaker system when building a home theater system in Brisbane home.

Ensure Your New TV Is Smart

According to the latest data, many Australians are willing to pay for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Pay TV. The statistics show Netflix has a higher number of subscribers in Queensland, which stands at 3.6 million.

If you want to enjoy Netflix or any other pay subscription television service, you need to buy a smart TV.

Get 4K Content

For home theatre installation in Brisbane, just buying smart TV is not enough. You need to also buy a paid subscription to services like Netflix, which offers 4K content. If your budget permits, purchase a Blu-ray player. It will allow you to buy or rent 4K content and watch it at your convenience.

According to a leading survey, Brisbane’s average Internet speed is 27.1 Mbps, which is quite useful for watching live 4K streaming content on your smart TV.

Design a Good Home Theater

Buying a good TV and sound system is only a first step in a great cinematic experience. It would help if you designed a good home theater setup to place the AV components. Right placement of the TV, speakers is critical to the audiovisual experience.

To sum up, it would make sense to hire professionals to set up the home theater in your Brisbane. It will make things easier for you, and the result would be far better than a DIY project.

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