How to enjoy Instagram without an account?

enjoy Instagram without an account

Olivia surfs through Instagram without an account. She searches for the account which he wants to go through using the web viewer for Instagram which provides Instagram search account option which people can use without going through the hassle of creating their own account. The question which may arise in many minds is how he does it? “” is a website that allows individuals to use Instagram without going through the process of creating an account. People can look at pictures and search for users, basically enjoy Instagram like any other person who has an account. This website can be regarded as a web viewer for Instagram. Whether it is an account of an actor or a youtuber you can find it all here.


What does fullinsta offer?

Gone are the days when a person had to make an Instagram account in order to enjoy its features. Just like Instagram, this website has an option of an Instagram search account where one just has to type a username or hashtag and it would give all the results that a person would get with an account on the said social media platform. The website is a web viewer for Instagram as the application cannot be accessed through a web browser.


Why use fullinsta instead of creating an account on Instagram?

Many people prefer to stay off social media but sometimes they prefer to be able to access a social platform without creating an account. Another reason why this website is useful is that as there is no account, the person surfing through Instagram does not have to worry about things like accidentally liking a post which is a common occurrence when looking through someone’s account. Many people believe that Instagram hinders their life as it can be distracting while they work, study or do any other activity. If a person uses this website there are fewer chances of distraction as they do not have an account which means that they cannot sign in using the Instagram application on the phone but can only access it through a web browser as it is a web viewer for Instagram. This can help them stay focused while still they are still able to enjoy Instagram in their free time.


How to use fullinsta web viewer?

The website is extremely easy to use as when you click on the link it takes you straight to a page where there is an Instagram search account option where one can type the username of the account they want to look through and click on search. The website will then show you the account which you’ve searched for and you can enjoy surfing through an account without creating your own.



Check out the website — it’s perfect for people who prefer to stay off Instagram however they do like to enjoy it every now and then. It has now become easy to look through your favourite celebrity’s Instagram without having to sign yourself up for an account.

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