How to Help Your Addict or Alcoholic Friend

Helping a friend or loved one battling with drug or alcohol addiction is a tedious and heartbreaking journey. No wonder many people choose to ignore the situation as it may seem like the most viable solution. However, this only escalates the problem with many addicts developing mental health issues and physical problems. 

Although it takes time and courage to decide to help a loved one who has an addiction, they are better off counting on your support.  That said, here are three tips you can reference to support an addict or alcoholic friend.
Covid has affected everyone’s mental health in one way or another. Sadly, a lot of people have developed addictions as a way to cope with this global crisis. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, consider getting rehab for alcohol addiction.

  • Acquaint Yourself with Information About Addiction 

There is no way you can provide help to a friend or relative who is living with addiction, yet you don’t understand what it is all about.  You want to convince them to change their lifestyle, but this is only possible if you can convey addiction facts. In short, educate yourself about addiction and the symptoms of substance abuse before confronting your friend.  The more you know about drug or alcohol addiction, the better for both you and your loved one. 

  • Identify Treatment Options

You can never run out of options when searching for the best treatment option that offers support to people recovering from drug addictions. Nevertheless, the process of treating an addiction tends to vary depending on the type of treatment an individual receives. So before you suggest a rehab Los Angeles center to your friend, examine all the other treatment options available. 

Recovering from alcohol addiction is not as simple as most people think. A lot of people think it’s all in the mind, and that you can simply stop drinking cold turkey and that’s it. Well, the reality is actually a lot harder. If you decide to quit cold turkey, you are putting your life at risk. It’s better to go through alcohol detox before you stop drinking in order to avoid potentially fatal consequences. There are also many other upsides to getting rehab instead of simply stopping on your own. You will have a professional team at your disposal, a professional center with modern equipment designed to fit your needs, and people who will hold you accountable.

Either way, rehab facilities serve as the best option thanks to their professional treatment programs for those who suffer from substance abuse and cannot overcome the problem alone.  To ensure your friend receives treatment while living at home and going about with their day-to-day activities, ask them to visit an outpatient rehab Los Angeles facility. 

  • Be Supportive 

Many addicts do not seem to understand how much their family and close friends value them. That is why you need to be positive and let your friend know you’re there for them. Once your friend decides to enroll at a rehab center that offers IOP Los Angeles programs, let them know you are going to provide a helping hand on their journey to recovery. 

When offering support, never cover for problems created by substance abuse as it may end up complicating things even more. Instead, allow your friend to deal with the consequences of their addiction.  That way, they’ll have a story to tell once they overcome their addiction. Better, this is the only way to understand the consequences associated with substance abuse.

In Conclusion

If you are worried about a friend who is living with addiction, it is in your best interest to help them change their life for the better. Whereas it’s not always easy to make this decision, your friend stands a better chance of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction with your support. Remember, there is nothing wrong with trying rather than watching as your friend falls. 

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