How to Increase Motivation in the Workplace: 9 Tips for Your Employees

Did you know that 60 to 70 percent of employee turnover is due to voluntary reasons?

Although there are many reasons why an employee chooses to resign from a company, they often leave because they’re unhappy and unmotivated. As an employer, the last thing you want is to lose your talented employees because they’re unhappy.

If you want to know how to keep your employees happy and motivated, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn how to increase employee motivation in the workplace.

  1. Listen to Your Employees

As an employer, you depend on your employees to get the work done and keep your clients happy. Happy employees tend to produce the best work, but they need to feel heard to achieve that.

Even if you consider yourself a fair employer, it’s important to remember that employees have different expectations levels. Although you might not be able to fulfill every expectation, it’s important that they feel heard.

You can listen to your employees differently, such as having an open-door policy, conduction satisfaction surveys, or having team meetings.

  1. Realistic & Measurable Goals

No matter how much your employees like their jobs, they will start to feel burned out if you set unrealistic goals. Although it’s important to celebrate big accomplishments, such as completing a project, it’s crucial you measure small accomplishments along the way.

Rather than waiting until an entire project gets completed, it’s important you celebrate the progress being made. Acknowledging and measuring progress can go a long way with your employees.

When you celebrate small goals, it will help you keep things on track and avoid setbacks. Praising your employees after they reach a goal will motivate them to work towards the next one.

  1. Employee Recognition

Do you want happier employees? If you’re worried about employee satisfaction in the workplace, think about the last time you recognized them.

Aside from getting work done because it’s their job, employees seek recognition from their supervisors. Although you can acknowledge every time they do something right, having a special moment to recognize their hard work goes a long way.

Take the time to recognize your employees’ efforts during team meetings or special events.

  1. Build Their Self-Esteem

The last thing an employee wants is to have a supervisor that puts them down. For an employee to be confident and produce their best work, it’s important they feel encouraged.

If they come to you with a new idea every time they get shut down, they will lose confidence in their abilities. Not to mention, you will miss out on some great ideas.

Even if you don’t agree with all of the ideas, you must show them you respect and acknowledge their work.

Every time you build their self-esteem, you will make them more confident in their abilities and creativity.

  1. Take Advantage of Training

What a better way to motivate and empower your employees than by providing them the tools they need to succeed. If you have unhappy employees who feel lost from time to time doing their jobs, you have to ask if you’ve provided them with the training they need.

When you continue providing training materials and aids, your employees will know that you value investing in them. Aside from providing them with tools to perform their current jobs, offer them training materials to help them grow within the company.

  1. Challenge High-Performing Employees

Do you have high performing employees? Chances are you have a few senior employees who need very little supervision and produce great work.

High-performing employees can get bored easily and become unchallenged when their talent is not recognized. Because they’re not happy doing the bare minimum, they constantly need a change of pace.

Also, these are the types of employees that don’t like to be micromanaged after they have proven their worth.

To keep these key employees happy, you should give them autonomy and challenge their skills. They have already proven their worth, so it’s time you allow them to show you what they can do.

High-performing employees that feel challenged will feel happier and more motivated to come to work every day.

  1. Personal Growth

Chances are your employees who don’t want to stay in the same position for the rest of their lives. They probably dream about promotions and higher earnings.

Even if you have an open-door policy and praise their accomplishments, the best way to retain employees is by promoting personal growth.

Employees don’t want to stay with a company that has no opportunities for growth.

Make personal growth part of your company values, so your employees know you’re interested in their professional growth.

  1. Create Company Traditions

Another way to keep your employees happy is by giving them things to look forward to. Nobody likes to work for a place that is all work and no play.

While you always like to maintain a professional relationship, it’s important you show employees that you care about them as people.

Creating company-wide events outside work will give you a chance to get to interact with them on a more personal level.

Take the holidays, for example, to have a holiday party or treat your team to lunch in the office. Some companies also have more informal Friday afternoon happy hour or have a free breakfast day.

It’s good to have music to liven up the mood during those special events and makes everyone feel more relaxed. Check out best jobsite radio for music options.

  1. Promote Breaks

Burnout in the workplace can take a toll on your employees and result in a lack of motivation. Even if they know they’re legally allowed to take a break and see you not taking breaks, they will want to lead by example.

It’s important you promote taking breaks and step away from the desk. When employees see their supervisors taking breaks, they won’t feel guilty for taking one.

Are You Ready to Increase Motivation in the Workplace?

Now that you know about these ways, you can increase motivation in the workplace, and you’re ready to have happy and motivated employees.

If you want to keep your employees motivated, you should start by recognizing your employees, promote personal growth, set realistic goals, and always listen to your employees.

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