How to Lose Weight with Water

Would you like to learn how to lose weight with water? Then read on. Your body is made up of 70% water. Roughly 85% of your brain is water. 80% of blood and 70% of the muscle is water. Every cell in our body needs water to live. Drinking a lot of water has a HUGE importance to slim. How Come?

Water will fill our stomach and can even replace the feeling of hunger. But how is this possible?

Since our bodies often interprets a thirst for water, as the desire for food and then feel hungry, even as really just wants us to drink.

So if you start to drink a lot you will not feel as hungry as before, and it will help you lose weight of course.

The more you saw it the less you feel hungry, and what is the less hungry you will eat less and the more you lose weight.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Water will also help cleanse your body of dangerous toxins that your body absorbs from the air by breathing, through the food that you eat and of course all the chemicals they use.

Water transports oxygen and nutrients that the body needs for each cell. Water also helps regulate body temperature.

Water is also very important to keep your metabolism functioning properly. Mineral water, for example, contains magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate which helps the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes to aid proper digestion. When you learn the facts about mineral water and found out its benefits for your body especially with losing weight, you may be motivated to choose this over sugary drinks.

The more water you provide your body is even less food will be needed.

That is why it is so important when it comes to weight loss.

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Weight Loss Using Water – Research

A person who drinks 3 liters a day about 20% faster than a person who drinks 2 liters a day.

The researchers did a study to explore the importance of water to lose weight. Took, so the two women who were of the same age, height and the same weight.

These women have had to adapt to the same diet that was to last for 90 days. The only difference was that one of these women were told to drink 2 liters per day and the other to 3 liters per day.

What do you think was the result? Are the two women would be the same amount of lost weight?

A woman who consumed 3 liters of water a day lost weight for the entire 6 Kg more within 90 days, or 2 kg more per month.

One of the women lost weight 2 kg more / month than the other, despite the fact that applied IDENTICAL diet. The only difference was that the woman drank 1 liter and more each day.

Shocking, is not it?

I know that it is difficult even to believe. If someone would have told me about it five years ago, when I began to fight with their overweight and when I had no idea about all this then I would say that this is nonsense.

Today, I can 100% confirm that this is true. Water has an amazing effect on your body, on your metabolism and your weight and quickly you will realize that the sooner you can begin to lose weight faster.

But drinking water is only half the secret.

The second half is a time when you drink this water and how much to get the best effect.

The truth is that the water will help you lose weight if you saw it in large quantities, regardless of when you saw it. But if you want to increase the effect of losing weight (and my guess is that you want) then read on.

When and how often should you drink?

Immediately, because waking up, not half an hour, or before you go to work, but then immediately, as soon as you open your eyes then you should get up and drink half a liter at a time.

This is the truth, and the key to losing weight naturally explain you why. After eight hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated more than ever. And when the body is dehydrated how do you think it affects your metabolism?

Of course, the impact is very negative. Your body will desire more food during the day, if you do not drink half a liter of water when you get up. And what is a greater amount of food for you?

Of Course. More calories, more fat and more overweight.

Drink about one glass half an hour before EVERY meal and one glass about 90 minutes after each meal.

NEVER, NEVER drink (also applies to all other beverages) during the meal. Water dissolves stomach acids and makes your stomach has to work longer to digest food, which ultimately make less lose weight. But aside from weight loss it is also unhealthy for the body. That is why it is very important not to drink any beverage during a meal.

Other than water, you can also try supplements that can help with fat burning process. The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews will show you step by step what to do in order to successfully lose weight faster than you could not even imagine.


If you’re ready for a change in your life, such changes that literally will change your whole life then you should start taking action right now.

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