How to make a wig look real 

During the chemotherapy process, hair loss is one of the most common symptoms, the perfect solution, which most women choose to hide it, is to use a wig. But how to make a wig look real? Is it possible to hide that hair loss even more? I have good news: with the right tricks you can make it look natural, you will prevent people from noticing that you are wearing an oncology wig. 

How to disguise a wig 

For many patients, hair loss is one of the most overwhelming secondary symptoms of chemotherapy, so they choose to wear a synthetic wig to maintain their appearance. But, even natural hair wigs can look unrealistic, it is true, that is less likely, but after all, it is still a wig. If you want to disguise your oncology wig and make it look like your real hair, there are some ways to do it. 

You just have to follow some basic tricks on how to put on a wig so it doesn’t show up: 

Correct placement of the oncological wig is key 

Although many wigs, especially headband wigs, have adjustable straps, some come in different sizes, keep that in mind to get the proper position. One of the big mistakes by which the wig is noticed is the placement of it, a correct position of it will make the difference so that it can look natural. Placing the wig too low on your forehead will not look real, as the hairline is usually in an approximate area of ​​the head. Be guided by an old photograph of your hair, to see approximately where your hair grew, so you can recreate the roots. In addition, you must make sure that your oncological wig is the correct size, so that it is not too big or too small, this will make it difficult to get the correct position.

Get it a natural haircut 

One of the most effective tips for making your wig look like a real one is to give it a haircut that matches your style. It’s a great way to shape it to make it look much more attractive. Seek a professional to get a cool, high-quality look, the effect will be amazing. You can also try curling your synthetic wig to change your hairstyle easily. 

Lace front and monofilament top 

Whether your wig is natural hair or synthetic hair, one of the fundamental aspects to make your wig look real is that it has the correct cap or helmet with the necessary characteristics. 

Lace front wigs offer a quality that visually looks like a virtually natural hairline. It manages to simulate the natural growth of hair. In addition, the upper part of the wig must be monofilament, since it will achieve the same appearance as the lace forehead, since it will give the optical illusion that the hair grows from the scalp. 

But how do you achieve this? Each hair is sewn simulating natural hair, your wig will look like your real hair. But of course, if possible, it’s better for you to choose natural hair wigs. Read these Julia Hair reviews to get more info.

Use the right care products 

Just like you use conditioner, shampoo and other products for the care of your natural hair, your ontological wig also needs them to look in good condition. With some basic products you can improve the appearance of any wig, you can even use spray or talcum powder to achieve the natural shine of your hair. This way you can avoid the typical shine of synthetic wigs, especially the cheapest ones. 

Wear a scarf or hat when wearing the wig 

Any other tips on how to make a wig look natural? As with your real hair, you can accessorize your oncology wig. Use a scarf, hat or headband to achieve a cheerful and neat look, just as you would with your hair.

Now you know the best tricks on how to make a wig look real, perfect to cope, as well as possible, one of the most common secondary symptoms during chemotherapy; hair loss. With them, you will get a natural look. What are you waiting for to put them into practice?

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