How to Prepare for Your Lip Filler Appointment

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We live in a world where first impressions matter a lot and naturally, everyone wants to look their best, which sometimes means using cosmetic surgery. 

As such, lip augmentation has steadily emerged as one of the most popular procedures because it can enhance your appearance subtly without too much downtime or recovery time.

Lip fillers are used to correct your lips’ shape, size, or definition. If you have thin lips, they can make them appear fuller and are ideal for people who naturally have thin lips and want added volume without resorting to surgical implants. 

Unlike many other surgeries that might require some time for full recovery, lip fillers can be done in a short amount of time, and oftentimes, the person can return to work immediately after their procedure.

Nevertheless, after you schedule your appointment with a reputable doctor from Sculpt Spa, you must prepare yourself for the treatment process ahead of time. That said, here are some tips on how you can prepare for your lip filler appointment:

1. Know What to Expect During and After Treatment

It’s important to know what you should expect before, during, and after your appointment for lip injections. It’s not a complicated surgery, but it does require some time before you can return to your usual daily activities.

During Treatment

The doctor will numb the area with topical anesthesia or deeper injections before your lip filler treatment begins. If you are particularly nervous about pain, this can help to calm your fears. The numbing agent will also make it so you won’t feel any pain during the actual treatment process. Many people say they felt some pressure but no real pain.

Once the doctor has administered the numbing agent, they will inject the lip filler into your lips using a micro-needling technique. You will feel some pressure as they insert the needle, which only takes a few minutes of your time.

After Treatment

You may look swollen after receiving your lip enhancement treatment, but that’s only temporary. The doctor will apply a cold compress to your lips afterward to help reduce the swelling and give you some comfort during this time. 

You might feel a little discomfort or pain after the treatment is completed, but it should go away within a day or two.

2. Avoid Alcohol 24 Hours Before Getting Lip Fillers 

If you drink alcohol the night before lip injection, you could be killing off a large portion of the cells that your doctor will need to make your lips appear fuller. The more damage done to those cells by drinking alcohol, the less effective your treatment is.

3. Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

Make sure you have a clean face before going to your lip augmentation appointment so that the doctor can easily see exactly where they should inject the filler product. Moreover, you want to make sure your skin is as clean and germ-free as possible, so the doctor can be confident that the filler goes directly into where they intend it to go.

You don’t need to scrub your face or use harsh products on it before your appointment. A gentle cleanser should do just fine.

The Bottom Line 

Lip augmentation can help to make your thin lips appear fuller and more luscious. When you make the necessary appointment, be sure to prepare yourself for what’s ahead and how much time will elapse before you can resume your usual daily activities. 

With the right specialist, you can be sure of a more beautiful, sensual pout.

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