How to Protect Your Home: 8 Tips for Increasing Security

No matter how safe and secure you think your home is, there is always a weak point you may not have thought about. Criminals today are far more brazen and creative than they’ve ever been, so home security should always be top-of-mind, no matter where you live. 

There are statistics to prove it, too. A home burglary takes place every 26 seconds, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That’s close to 3,500 home burglaries a day across the United States. 

You may know how to lock your doors and windows and even hide your valuables, but for proven tips on how to protect your home, check out the rest of this blog. 

  1. How to Protect Your Home: Think About Its Weak Spots 

While you may have all the obvious spots covered, such as your main entrance and exit points, have you considered any other spots that could provide an opportunity for home entry? 

This includes crawl spaces, a basement entrance, your garage, and even attic windows. If you think a hollow-core door is sufficient for your main entrance points, think again. You want to install a solid, hardwood, or steel-front door, or at least a deadbolt latch that attaches to the door frame. 

You should also install cameras at all major entrance points to your home. Even if they aren’t set up to function, ”mock” cameras can be an excellent deterrent. However, if you’re looking to establish a legitimate smart home security system (which is highly recommended today), check out this indoor camera comparison

  1. Protect Your Home With Light 

One of the best deterrents to burglars is light. While many home burglaries do take place during the day when you are out at work or running errands, most of them also happen in the very early hours of the morning and at night. 

Your best bet is to install motion-sensor lights near all of your home’s key entrance points — this includes your front door, back door, garage, gate entrance, and even along main footpaths. You can set up these lights on a timer to automatically turn on as soon as it gets dark. 

For the inside of your home, it’s also a good idea to invest in light timers which should be set up near your windows.

  1. Make Your Home Look Occupied 

Whether you are home or not, you always want criminals to assume there is someone in the house. The best way to ensure your home looks occupied is to set timers on your lights (light timers), TV, and other appliances. 

Believe it or not, you can even purchase a television stimulator light, or a ”fake TV” for the purpose of deterring criminals for as little as $50! 

  1. Reinforce Your Windows and Sliding Doors 

If your home features horizontal sliding windows and sliding doors — especially those on the older side, this poses a very real threat to home entry. These are weak spots and should be reinforced where possible. 

Place a dowel or shower curtain rod in the track of your sliding doors or windows. This way a burglar won’t be able to slide your windows or doors off the track. Another option is to install a window sensor alarm and motion-sensor lights in these vulnerable areas.

  1. Use Smartly Placed Security Deterrents 

The reality is that most home burglaries aren’t meticulously planned out. Most of the time, criminals are opportunists looking for an easy target. A smart way to keep burglars off your property is to warn them that your home is well protected by installing smart alarms, and similar alarm systems, to draw attention to anything out of the ordinary occurring.

If you don’t want to invest in owning a dog, you should put a ”beware of dog” sign on your fence or front door, anyway. To make it even more realistic, place a dog bowl outside your front door, too.

Installing fake cameras near your front and back entrances can also make a difference, as mentioned. 

  1. Hide Your Valuables (Creatively) 

In today’s day and age, it just isn’t a good idea to openly display your home’s valuables and gadgets, no matter how modern or flash they are. You may be proud of what you own, but it’s a good idea to install blackout curtains and blinds to maintain your privacy and security. Otherwise, you’re a prime target for home burglary. 

If a criminal does break into your home, you should also be creative about where you hide your most important valuables. And no, your bedside table, under the mattress, and medicine cabinet are not going to cut it. 

Instead, think about smart, well-hidden, and unobvious areas to hide your valuables. Or keep them locked away when you aren’t at home! 

  1. Don’t Forget About Second-Floor Weak Spots

If your home is a double or multiple-story house, don’t forget about the other floors that could be vulnerable to criminals, too. Most homeowners or renters tend to focus on the ground floor and that’s where security ends. 

But your second-floor windows are also weak spots. Install windows sensors, glass-break detectors, and window locks to keep criminals out. Always ensure all second-floor windows are closed when you leave the house, too.

It’s always worth installing light timers on second-floor windows for extra safety. 

  1. Don’t Create Opportunity for Criminals 

As mentioned, burglars are looking for an easy target or one that is obvious, too. By conspicuously protecting your home, you could make it a target by default. Criminals may assume that you have plenty to hide.

While a hedge is a good way to add privacy and protection, try to avoid overly high hedges or privacy fences that draw attention to your home. Avoid copious amounts of greenery and shrubbery outside your home, as this gives burglars plenty of hiding spots. 

All-in-all, you want your home to be private and well-protected, but try not to make it a target by going overboard! Improving your homes security might also add to its value, you can contact The Property Buying Company to get a cash offer.

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These simple tips on how to protect your home don’t require you to spend an absolute fortune. With small tweaks and an investment in a legitimate smart camera security system, you can sleep better at night knowing your home is protected.

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