How to Recover Corrupt or Damaged RAR Files

When it comes to Archive format for data compression, the RAR format has its loyal following owing to its efficacy. However, RAR files like any other archive files can get corrupted under certain scenarios. In this article, we look at quickly recovering the content of RAR files with the help of the potent DataNumen RAR Repair application.

Often while working with data files, we come across the need to combine them together in an archive file. While there are different archiving options that one can choose from, the RAR file format is often preferred by many owing to its better compression rate. As opposed to the standard ZIP format present in Windows, the RAR format offers a higher speed of compression and extraction of archive files. The format is also preferred by many users while creating a set of split archives whereby a large file is stored in multiple parts across several removable media disks. Despite being launched as a proprietary format, the RAR format has gained recognition and acclaim amongst business users owing to advanced features such as solid archiving. It offers possibly the best rate for data compression when one is looking to group together similar kinds of files; for example, you need to archive hundreds of word document files together. However, despite its several advantages, the RAR archives files are susceptible to data corruption due to a myriad of reasons. 

Key Factors behind Corruption of RAR Archive Files

As with any archive files, RAR files too can get corrupted while downloading them over the internet or while transferring them from one media to another. Some of it is caused by the introduction of incorrect data into the archive or header corruption during the transfer process. Hardware errors, especially in the case of removable media too can contribute to the incidents of RAR corruption. These include cases of read-write errors or the presence of bad sectors in the media drive. In some rare cases, version conflicts too can cause RAR files to get corrupted. Another factor that can contribute to the corruption of archive files is checksum errors often arising out of resource conflicts while using the archiving application. 

Run DataNumen RAR Repair Application to Assuredly Recover Compromised RAR Archives

Whether you are looking to recover a single corrupted RAR file or have a whole bunch of them to restore; you can safely call upon the powerful DataNumen RAR Repair application to bring back your data. This versatile application offers the best recovery rate in its class and also offers a highly intuitive Batch Recovery mode. The application comes real handy in case you are looking to extract the contents from a humungous sized RAR archive that has got corrupted as it supports file as large as 8TB. The application incidentally also supports the extraction of data from SFX archive files with equal ease. Moreover, the tool can also be operated through command line parameters.

Final Thoughts

For business users who typically use the RAR format to archive data, it is advisable to invest in the DataNumen RAR Repair utility as a matter of abundant caution. Some archive files invariably get corrupted while being used or shared in an organization, and an apt recovery tool can prevent chances of data loss. It also can save the day if your archives files get corrupted due to a malware attack or a debilitating server crash.

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