How to Recover Corrupt Veritas Backup Files

The Veritas Backup Exec application has a huge footprint in the enterprise data backup and protection market. However, despite its sophistication, the backup BKF files created by the application can get corrupted. In this article, we look at using the powerful DataNumen BKF application to recover contents from a corrupted Veritas backup file.

The Veritas Backup Exec has been a preferred choice for many businesses including several large enterprises for meeting their backup and data protection needs. This versatile software has been in existence for over two decades and today boasts of an enviable track record in the industry. The Veritas Backup Exec typically creates backup files in the BKF format for storing the backup data that it collects from across your network, spanning servers, and workstations. Despite its superlative features that enable quick restoration and disaster management, the Veritas Backup Exec can do very little to prevent the corruption of the BKF files it creates. Since BKF files behave like any other data file, they are equally prone to corruption due to a host of software and hardware issues. 

Get Hold of DataNumen BKF Repair application to Recover Corrupted Veritas Backup Files

When you have encountered a data corruption incident involving Veritas Backup files, you should immediately consider running the DataNumen BKF Repair application to recover the data from the compromised files. To initiate the recovery process you just need to launch the application and under the Backup tab, then choose the Select option to load the corrupted Veritas Backup file. Once you have selected the corrupted file, just click on the Start Repair option to initiate the recovery process. It is important to note that this highly efficacious application has achieved over 99 percent data recovery rate during test runs. For complete recovery, we suggest that you check the options for Accurate Scan and Recovery under the Options tab. The tool is most likely to extract all contents included in your backup files and is even capable of recovering compressed BKF files. In addition, this versatile utility can help you recover backup files that span multiple volumes in the quickest possible time. The application can also handle a variety of media types and is not constrained by large BKF data files. 

Why Businesses Should Invest in a Potent BKF Recovery Tool

Irrespective of the backup protocols you have in place in your organization there is always a chance that the backup files created by the Veritas Backup Exec ends up getting corrupted. In some scenarios, these can involve several BKF files, which may contain valuable data. Now the very thought of losing out on this data may be an anathema to you. That apart some of these backups may be part of your data compliance requirements and you simply cannot afford to lose them. In such cases, the best option for you is to run the DataNumen BKF Recovery utility to extract the data from the corrupted backup files. This powerful tool comes with a batch recovery function which can be used to recover several backup files in one attempt. In some organizations, backup files are kept in different systems as a matter of abundant caution and one may need to install multiple copies of this advanced tool. It would be wise for businesses to secure a volume license for DataNumen BKF Repair which is typically available at a reasonable discounted price.  

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