How to Save on Monthly Internet Expenses

How to Save on Monthly Internet Expenses

Internet expenses aren’t cheap! The average Australian who started using the internet at the age of 18 spends around $78,000 on internet expenses over a lifetime. This doesn’t include mobile data and streaming services. Subscribing to the best NBN provider in your area can come with installation fees and equipment costs.

Besides the monthly price plan, you may end up paying early termination fees, overage charges, and penalties for late payment. Luckily, there are several ways you can do to lower your home internet spending. Below are some tips on how to save on monthly internet expenses.

Build your own equipment

Modems or routers may be costly. Even if they are offered in instalment by an NBN provider, you will still spend some amount for them monthly. Target internet plans or the best NBN provider in your area that give them away for free. Better yet, look for plans where you can BYO the modem. This means you don’t need to buy one every time you switch to a new internet provider as you can use your existing equipment. In the long run, you can save on your monthly internet expenses.

Constantly explore other options

If you don’t have an existing lock-in contract with your current NBN subscription, it may be smart to explore other options. Shop online for new internet plans and players. The best NBN provider may have a cheaper offer with the same provisions as your current internet subscriptions. If the activation fee is free and you can use your existing modem, you can save costs from a new plan with a lower monthly price.

Downgrade your internet plan

You might only be using the internet for simple browsing, emailing, or occasional video streaming. As such, there is no point in needing a WiFi speed faster than 10 Mbps. If your internet subscription has no existing lock-in contract with your current NBN subscription, you can save internet expenses by downgrading to a cheaper and lower internet plan.

Look into deals and promotions

Like constantly exploring other options, it is also smart to look for deals and promotions. It may be with your current internet service provider or its competitors. Sometimes, the best NBN provider in your area will offer seasonal bundles which you can take advantage of. They may also offer bonuses or referral fees for an existing subscriber. Look for these bargains regularly to get some savings on your monthly internet expenses.

Monitor your monthly internet bill

Make sure that you read and understand your monthly internet bill. Call your NBN service provider if you have some disputes over the charges. There is a possibility of double or erroneous charging. By monitoring your monthly internet bill, you can save money by having these wrong charges scraped out of the bill.

Split your internet bill

The best NBN provider typically offers a 6-month or 12-month promotional price. As the contract deadline approaches, you can cancel the account and have another household member apply for the same discounted plan. Better yet, if you have a housemate or neighbor with whom you can share an internet connection, both parties can split the internet bill. As such, you can save half of your monthly internet expenses.


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