How To Trade Your Music Rights On Music Exchange?

Music artists and music lovers can take advantage of the music exchange, zeptagram. With the help of the blockchain-powered online trading platform, music rights are tokenized. The innovative trading platform brings buyers and sellers of music to one place. It erases the physical boundaries and creates a virtual network that consists of participants from all over the world. The Music Rights Trading Platforms developed by its founders have safety, security, and transparency.

For Creators By Creators

Zeptagram is developed by music creators to deliver the benefit to music creators and music lovers. While music creators put their efforts into delivering the most entertaining tracks per clients’ needs, the music lovers can buy and trade music rights. 

Tokenized Music Rights

With the help of the blockchain technology, music rights are tokenized. These tokens can be exchanged among the buyers and sellers on the music exchange. With the end to end encryption implemented by the blockchain technology, there will not be any duplication of music rights. The data will be transmitted, stored, and distributed in a secure manner. Zeptagram facilitates large- scale participation of buyers and sellers on the virtual platform. A registered account holder on the site can buy music rights and sell music rights on the same day.

Start Your Journey With Zeptagram

If you would like to start your journey with zeptagram, you should register on the website. The registration is simple and quick on the link, You should enter your name, email address, and choose and confirm the password of your choice to get registration. The registration will be complete after uploading the government identity card presented by the local government.

Get Funding

By using zeptagram, music creators can publish music albums very easily. and digital tokens can be created instantly. When the albums generate value, music creators will be motivated and encouraged to go ahead with the new projects. In addition to the traditional generation of income for music creators, the alternative platform of zeptagram will further their interests. The music can be published on Music Trading Sites Sweden, and they can track the progress online.

Innovative Technology

Blockchain-driven zeptagram is an innovative technology. The award-winning platform creates new avenues for both music creators and music lovers. Music traders can invest on the platform, and they can track the growth of the wealth online.

If you sign up on zeptagram online platform, you will be part of the community where you can share, own and sell music as per your needs. You can hear more music more often, create more albums and share, and speed up your success journey!

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