How to Train to Become the Perfect Security Guard


The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment outlook for security guards will remain positive. It’s a sector that receives modest pay but continues to hire. By 2030, it will grow 15% faster than other job fields.

To succeed as a security guard, master the components of the job.

We offer seven ways to train to become the perfect security guard tips.

  1. Get In Shape

First and foremost, the perfect security guard must get in shape. Some security guards for high-profile clients are large. They serve a specific purpose. However, most clients hire guards who are fit and agile.

If you enjoy fitness, this employment field is a natural fit. Essentially, you earn an income to remain in top form physically.


Recommended exercises include planks, push-ups, wall sits, and using the stairs whenever possible. Remember to stretch too.

In addition, ensure that you consume a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep daily, and strengthen your mental fitness.

  1. Take Self Defense Classes

To protect others, you require the ability to protect yourself first. Self-defense classes fall into the fitness category. In self-defense classes, you learn several techniques. Plus, you learn to think at the moment. 

Guards require fast reflexes. A moment of hesitation makes the difference between diffusing a situation or escalation. Sometimes the fight finds you. When it finds you, it’s important to be ready.

Self-defense classes become another opportunity to get into shape. Most sessions begin with a warm-up that includes jumping rope, squats, jumping jacks, and jogging.

Look for classes designed for the physical security field to maximize the sessions.

  1. Study the Manuals

This position requires brawn; it also requires brains. To test your brains, you must earn your security guard license. 

Earning the license requires applicants to study the most current manuals. The manuals give you insight into your new career path. They test your knowledge, problem-solving, and logic skills.

Those interested in moving up the career ladder within the security field can take a look at criminal justice material for additional insight.

  1. Learn What’s Expected of You

After obtaining your professional credentials, learn what a future employer expects from you. Read several job descriptions before applying for the job. 

During the employment interview, expect questions that test your knowledge. The interviewer wants to gauge your communication skills, knowledge of laws governing the field, and ability to think independently.

Preparing for the interview lends you credibility in the eyes of your potential employer. It also gives you a leg if you plan to move up the ranks.

You can prepare by reading how security companies sell their services. Read the advice Special Security Services gives to prospective clients interested in hiring a security guard here


  1. Practice Your Bedside Manner

Based on several job descriptions, entities that hire security guards expect prevention over the use of force while on duty. Thus, to become the perfect security guard, practice your bedside manner.

If you consistently work at bars, nightclubs, concerts, and music festivals, you’re going to work among individuals who consume adult beverages and other substances. Individuals who aim to antagonize private security officers exist too.

The perfect guard doesn’t engage inebriated or antagonistic individuals. Instead, they diffuse the situation or request backup. 

  1. Continue Your Education

Most people think of security guards as the individuals who protect retail stores against theft. The public knows that guards also property business property and celebrities. 

However, the security field continues to expand. It protects against other types of threats besides physical. For example, the security field has expanded to protect against cybercrimes too.

Consider reading the news related to the security industry. It’s possible to subscribe to an industry magazine to receive information in print and online. 

If you’re interested in upward mobility within the security field, continue your education.  

  1. Become a Team Player

Security guards work in groups. Sometimes, you’ll work in a pair or a solo gig. More often, you’ll find yourself in a group environment. Therefore, to become the perfect security guard, become a team player.

In some settings, the group requires each other’s attention, communication, and reference skills. You work as a unit and everyone contributes. The hope is that the worst situation you’ll encounter is an inebriated concertgoer or antagonistic individual. 

Some security officers have faced terrorist-related situations. Even though each encounter doesn’t make the national news, it doesn’t mean that these grave situations don’t occur. 

When things are serious, the team must lean on one another.

As a team player, you’ll gain recognition for your communication skills. Credibility among your peers helps further your career into other positions.


Becoming a perfect security guard has several benefits. It’s an in-demand employment field. One day you might work a VIP event. Next, you’ll help protect a business group as they travel. Once you gain experience, it’s possible to gain more interesting security assignments.

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