How to use Instagram Music?

Instagram music

The music features have already launched in several different countries, making it the most preferred choice for every Instagram user to have fun and entertained with these social media apps and software for sure. However, both these Instagram and Facebook have got the long-waited feature for music for all the Indians. This music feature has simply allowed all the users to go on with the song and the music advantages that are directly within the Instagram and the Facebook platform for sure. However, you will see that there are separate music stickers that are available in the social media platform making it reflect on the entire story that has been synchronized along with the song.

Using Instagram music or with the help of Facebook platform music wherein one can choose from a massive load of a variety of music, songs and different types for sure. There are various genres, categories and popular category wherein there are songs that one can choose from the top of the list.

How do you get music on Instagram?

Getting music on Instagram is very popular, and one of the trendiest way to get entertained for sure. However, these songs and moods are primarily categorized making it efficient for the users to segregate as according to the moods, preferences and genres that are often wanted by the users on Instagram. Adding music stickers to your Instagram stories is just very easy as there are music stickers available on the Instagram platform. However, there are various ways to add music stickers or just the stickers to your Instagram platform.

How do you put music on Instagram story 2019?

It is generally effortless to add music to your Instagram story as we all know that Instagram stories are pretty huge and has got loads of attention from the audience in the market. If it’s your business, or if you are an influencer, then having this kind of marketing techniques will help you for sure. Just check out the steps to put stories on your Instagram 2019-

Adding music to your Instagram is just very easy, as there are a lot of amazing instagram reels songs that engages a lot of audience. Not only reels, but instagram allows you to add music stickers that are available on the Instagram.

  • You just have to click on the dog eared icon or the button on the top of your screen.
  • Now tap on the music sticker that will be available on the screen itself.
  • Once you have tapped on the music option, you will find the music or the audio files, wherein you just have to select your favorite music.
  • Just select on the song that you want to play on, also you can add other texts or stickers and then publish it on your Instagram story.
  • You can also add filters when you select the music and before you publish the song and there you go!


Well, here we have got these methods and steps to go on with getting the music on Instagram making it simply easy and comfortable for the users to publish their stories on their Instagram walls and the stories. You just have to follow the above mentioned steps for the same.

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