How to Use Toast POS System

Toast Point-of-Sale system is a POS technology composed of hardware and software components designed for food-vendors such as restaurants.

 It helps vendors to manage their businesses by assisting in all customer-related management. There are steps involved in the effective utilization of your Toast POS system.

The Toast POS system can be used by effectively combining both the hardware and software components. They have different but important roles to play when using a Toast POS system. 

Before we get into those steps involved, let’s review the two components of a Toast POS system and their features.

What Is Toast POS Hardware?

The Toast hardware, as mentioned earlier, is one of the components of the Toast POS system. It is a combination of various hardware devices (such as a receipt printer) to assist the POS system effectively.

This hardware can be bought one at a time or as a bundle deal. The bundle deal may range from a tablet at $450 to one terminal, which costs about $1,362.

The hardware and software do not support the IOS, so it runs on the Android system processor. The Toast company recommends using its hardware components while using the Toast POS system as they are more compatible.

Here are some of the hardware devices you require to use your Toast POS system with.

  • Cases
  • Stands
  • Terminal 
  • Credit Card Readers 
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Guest-facing display
  • kitchen Ticket Printers
  • Router 
  • Servers 
  • Cable
  •  hand-held POS system
  •  Kiosk
  •  kitchen display system

What Is a Toast POS Software 

We discussed earlier that the software is an essential component of the Toast POS system. The Toast POS software is a technology platform that enables features like placing orders, process payment, and access analytics and report. The software enables the Toast POS system to function.

Familiarise yourself with some of the software features listed below;

  • Auto-notifications to servers tablets
  • Customer data analysis 
  • Customized menus
  • Card payments
  • Schedule and track employees
  • Inventory monitoring 
  • Online order
  • POS 
  • Tips calculator
  • Flexible Android app
  • Table payment and line busting
  • Integrations like business visibility
  • Track restaurants activities in real-time
  • Dining sales reports in real-time
  • Easy organization of Discounts 
  • Payroll
  • Customer-facing screens
  • Loyalty programs and gift cards


How To Use Your Toast POS System?

The toast POS system can be used when you combine its hardware and software features. This fine-dining management technology combines POS(hardware and software) with other integration to easily help food vendors run their businesses. You have to pay for the installation of the hardware and a subscription to the software(source).

Below are a few steps before using your toast pos system 

  • Installation

Before you use your toast POS system, you have to contact the toast company for hardware installation. You would pay an installation fee to the company. The company will also train you on how to use your new device.

  • Subscriptions 

Aside from the hardware installation fee, you would have to pay a monthly subscription for your software. This monthly subscription starts from $69 for a terminal. If you wish to add additional terminals, it would cost an extra monthly subscription of $50 each per terminal.

  • Software Update

You would need to update your software each month to get new features. This subscription would cover the cost of all the features you may need. You will receive round-the-clock customer representatives support and limitless updates for your software.

How Do I Use The Software Features On The Toast POS System? 

Let us discuss a few features that help you use your toast Pos system effectively. You will discover that the most significant benefits of the Toast POS software are those integrations with the listed features.

  • The Gift and Loyalty Programs Feature

Your Toast Pos can produce virtual and physical body cards, enabling vendors to sell them online or on-site. It has an integration that allows you to connect to a customer’s card and phone. The pos automatically save the customer’s details for further registration.

  • The Inventory Monitoring Feature

Toast POS system has an inventory feature that monitors food, supplies, quantity, and pricing in real-time from your mobile device. Its functionality allows you to reorder at your convenience. You could also access good prices, inventory, and restaurant reports automatically.

This information can be used to modify your menu.

  • The Online Ordering Feature

The functionality of the online ordering feature allows the client order to be routed directly to the system. You do not need to re-enter customer data. Online ordering is now very popular. It has encouraged the manufacturer to discount the online ordering feature’s charge at$50/month.

  • The Business Visibility Feature 

This business visibility feature allows managers to track their business in real-time. Sales, staff schedules, menu reports can easily be monitored. The summary email is daily sent so that you can be up-to-date on all metrics. 

  • The Table Payment and Line Busting Feature

This feature enables restaurants to wait tables swiftly while clients will not be delayed by payment processing. This can be beneficial to both large and small restaurants. Orders and payments can be made virtually to boost service. 

  • The Customer-Facing Screens and Flexible Android Feature

This feature allows you to gather more customer data while concluding transactions. It provides feedback and enrolls clients on loyalty programs. Customers can easily join virtual programs as they have been on-boarded into the database. 

Your Toast POS system is also compatible with Android devices, and it allows integration with other apps. It ensures quality, automatic, and timely release of updates. It is flexible, reliable, and affordable. 

This feature assists users to build robust customer databases using detailed analytics.

  • The Tip Feature

Staff is likely to get better tips as the device calculates and suggests to customers a fair tip amount. Servers can allocate the bill for each item and split it. If necessary, a check can be disseminated to another server or incorporated into one.

This assists servers to skillfully adapt to the requirements and intentions of each guest.

  • The Payroll Feature

You are given a unified hub that merges your POS system with payroll management. This easy-to-use feature automatically syncs with your payroll. Hence, you can hasten your employee management processes.

For example, having a sole worker profile narrows down your new-hire processes. It eradicates the need to re-enter data on different systems. It speeds up the entire process.

What Problems Will Toast Pos Solve?

Let’s recap. We have discussed in detail how to use your Toast POS system and its components. We would like to add some bonus tips on why you should get a Toast POS 

  • Real-Time Updates

The absence of real-time updates in their POS system feigns problems for restaurant owners. Toast POS system customizes its features to avoid this difficulty. It’s built to ensure the users have a seamless experience.

Updates can be assigned across a variety of platforms. Food business owners can access daily sales, employee, and inventory from their devices using this restaurant POS.

  • Richer Guest Experience

Restaurateurs can easily profile their clients, enabling them to deliver a robust guest experience. The system achieves this by linking details for previous visits. It allows for better knowledge of these clients.

Also, the use of hand-held terminals helps to personalize the guest dining experience. Servers also interact more with the guest while taking orders, enabling them to better relate with clients.

  • Quick Service

Toast POS system propels the ordering process to be fast and easy as possible by using smart devices. This assists manager in delivering quick service without reducing the emphasis on customer experience.


The toast POS system is mainly for businesses related to the food industry, such as restaurants. The Toast POS system can be used to track real-time updates of the business. It consists of two components, which are the software and the hardware component. Both components enable a seamless process at the point of sale.


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