Christmas and New Year marks the beginning of a new time and Year. These two days are celebrated with a great pomp and show. People meet with each other greet them with gifts and bless them great and happy New Year and Christmas. The tradition of gifts is very common during these days and it always wonders the people that what should be bought for their friends and relatives. To resolve this issues here are some of the suggestions that you can go through before going to buy any gifts for your loved ones.

  • LINDT MINI BLOCKS: Lindt Mini Block is a single rectangular box shaped chocolates containing Milk Linder, Milk Hazelnut, Dark Surfin and Cresta in milk and white chocolate. If Australian people want to buy 1kg of Lindt Mini Blocks with a gift box they can order it online from Sweet As at A$24.95 with a gift card of their choice.
  • LINDT FRUIT SENSATION: As the name suggests Lindt Fruit Sensation is a fine dark chocolate with soft fruit centre i.e. orange and pink grapefruit. And on Sweet As it costs around A$2.95 for a 150 gm bag.
  • LINDT NAPOLITANS: This is a block shaped chocolates individually wrapped containing Lindor, Cresta, Milk chocolate, & Dark Chocolate. The bag of 1kg Lindt Napolitans contains approximately 155 pieces and costs A$19.95 on Sweet As.
  • Toblerone: Toblerone is a Swiss based chocolate brand. The Toblerone milk chocolate bars comes in a single pack containing 35g of bar. Also for buying in bulk it comes in a box containing 24 bars of 35gm which are individually wrapped.
  • DARRELL LEA LIQUORICE ALLSORTS: All sorts are the famous colorful layered liquorice product. It is a blend of dark Australian molasses and root extract of liquorice All this is delicately covered by delicious fondant colorful outer layers and a 210 gm bag costs A$4.50.
  • DARRELL LEA – BB’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE BALLS: Darrell Lea BB’s are the chocolate balls with orange flavor. BB stands for Bigger and Better. A 200g Bag costs A$4.50 if ordered through SweeT As.
  • DARRELL LEA – BB’S CHOC MINT BALLS: These are the big round milk and chocolate balls which are coated of crispy and crunchy mint shell.  Making a whole Choctastic product. The 130g Bag of Darrell Lea- BB Choc Mint balls costs A$4.50 on Sweet As.
  • CUSTOMIZED CALENDARS: One can buy calendars as per his requirements and can gift it to his loved ones on a particular occasion. Gifting a custom made calendars can be viewed as a polite gesture. The varied calendars of A4 and A5 size for various occasions like valentines, birthdays and anniversaries. One can upload his photo, or the photo of the person he is gifting it to.

All these sweet gift packs are available at various confectioners and sweet shops like Sweet as and one can order them online as well as offline and make the Christmas and New Year beautiful and sweet.

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