How Your Kids Can Make the Best of the Lockdown

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for just about everyone, it’s been incredibly challenging for kids. At an age when children should be socializing with their peers, learning at school, and enjoying life, many of them are stuck at home facing an uncertain future. 

Not only does the lockdown have an impact on your child’s physical health, but it influences their mental health too. Fortunately, you can make time pass more productively for your kids with the right steps.

1. Make Sure They Have a Proper Schedule 

Kids need structure and routine to thrive. Although a lockdown can make family life chaotic, especially if you’re working from home, you must develop a proper schedule for your kids on weekdays. 

2. Encourage Exercise 

Exercise is critical to a child’s development. Regular exercise improves their physical health and releases the right brain chemicals to improve their mental health. Encourage them to take a walk with you in the neighbourhood, play hockey, or go biking if the local physical distancing rules allow for it. Alternatively, find fun activities for them in the yard or inside the house. 

3. Enroll Them in Online Classes

An excellent way to help your kids develop new skills is to enroll them in online classes. Learn about their interest and hobbies and find them online activities that complement their pastimes. For example, if they like music, then find them a class that teaches them how to play a musical instrument.

Likewise, if they like technology, think analytically, and are detail-oriented, then consider enrolling them in online coding classes. Not only will they learn how to program, but when they take online live classes from home — they’ll stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the right school, you also don’t have to worry about wasting your money. For example, many online coding for kids classes offers a free trial class. It’s also vital to pick a school that has small virtual classes for the best results

4. Designate a Creative Space

Kids who think outside the box usually have bright futures. Encourage your kids to be creative by setting up a creative space for them in your home. Add items like paper, scissors, glue, tape, markers, and the like to this space and ask your kids to use the supplies to create something fun and unique every day. 

5. Buy Them Books

Not only do books help children improve their spelling and vocabulary skills, but they keep them occupied for hours. Encourage your kids to read by buying them their favourite books. As they sit quietly, lost in their favourite adventures for half the day, you can finally get some work done! 

6. Science Kits and Puzzles

Science kits and puzzles are an excellent way to develop creativity and logical thinking in kids. They can experiment with these items on their own or in a group activity with you. 

While the lockdown may be a strange and unsettling time for your child, they can make the best of a challenging situation with the right structure and activities. 


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