Ideal Saree Types For Each Occasion

Bridal sarees online

A wedding is one of the memorably special moments in a person’s life. The day when they unite with their partner for life is undoubtedly significant. It is no wonder that the bride and bridegroom want everything to be perfect, including their outfit for the day. Bridal sarees online today have an endless variety to choose from for the bride.

The outfit is integral to a wedding because the day one is hitched to their partner becomes unforgettably etched into the minds of the people involved. They would like to remember their special day flaunting their best self.

Not only that, wedding photos have become an indispensable part of the wedding process. A memory frozen for life deserves to look beautiful.

The wedding saree for the bride should complement the bridegroom’s outfit. The colors, pattern and fit, and other elements come together to make that photo look memorable.

Choosing “the one” is a difficult decision.

The ‘one’ referring to the outfit for the wedding, demands to be the best and brings out the best features in the wearer. The bride and her bridesmaids must base their decisions on their preferences.

Here is a guide to help choose the perfect saree for the special occasion:

Kancheepuram Silk

Of all the Indian wedding sarees, the Kanjeevaram Pattu saree holds a special place. It is the most sought-after silk for wedding wear. Saree-loving women have worn it for ages. From being worn by royalty in the yesteryear to becoming each bride’s most prized possession today, the Kanjeevaram silk saree has stood the test of time.

Although it is a traditionally preferred garment, it is still worn by brides today. The latest wedding sarees collection boasts of numerous designs that reflect the contemporary choice of pattern and color.

Chettinad silk:

Modern brides today prefer comfort over tradition, Chettinad and soft silk are the answer to their prayers. Heavy silk sarees may be tiring to wear the entire day. It is heavy and stiff and sometimes uncomfortable for some.

Chettinad silk has its roots in the Sivaganga, TamilNadu. Admirers love its soft, light-weight texture, which is with traditional and more recently, modern designs.

Mysore Silk

It is again a light-weight fabric that is breathable and provides comfort for the wearer. It flows with the body and causes no restrictions to bodily movements. It is perfect for the bride who dances her way into the mandapam and loves taking exceptional photographs.

There are several options for a plain silk saree in this variety, for brides who would like their outfit to be minimalist yet classy.

Ikat Silk

It is otherwise known by the name Pochampally silk. It is obtained from the lands of Andhra, offering the beauty of the traditional tie and dye technique. It sports unique geometrical patterns and abstract designs obtained by a method that weaves intricate patterns into the yarn. It is an eye-grabber if a bride is looking for that quality in her outfit.

Ilkal Silk:

Its origins lay in Karnataka, with geometric patterns arranged differently than its counterparts. The prints are focused more on the body of the saree rather than on the border. Gaadi, Jari (Zari), and Paraspet are some of the varieties of the borders seen in this variety.

Gadwal Silk:

This silk is an expression of the beauty of colors and exhibits sheer intricacy in craftsmanship. Artisans make it with a unique combination of cotton and silk weaved together, employing a one-of-a-kind technique called Kuttu.

The entire six yards of a Gadwal silk saree can fit into a tiny space the size of an average matchbox when folded. Isn’t it fascinating? It is compact and light-weight, which is the ideal combination for long-hour wear.

Choosing a saree for other special occasions:

Special Events:

Special events are occasions where it is a must to dress-up. Adhering to a dress code shows respect and reflects dignity. While wearing a classic Kanjeevaram silk might be perfect for a Kacheri (classical music concert), modern soft silk might be more appropriate for a business after-party.

Choose the pattern and color selectively depending on the occasion. If one does not want to draw much attention, choose light colors and subtle prints. On the other hand, when one wants to be the center of attention, go ahead and flaunt that red and gold, heavily embellished silk saree.

For Work:

Professions teaching in India require teachers to wear sarees. Soft silk and Ikat sarees are ideal for a workspace that requires putting in hours together. For such occasions, comfort should be the priority as it could affect one’s productivity.


The apparel that deserves the most attention is undoubtedly the wedding saree; new models boast of inventive patterns and motifs that the modern-day bride will be in awe of wearing.

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