iFly Singapore: Get The Best SkyDive Experience

ifly Singapore price

Now, you can feel like a bird and dive in the sky. And it is none other than Singapore’s best flying sensation that makes it happen. Ifly is the biggest themed wind tunnel, which is around 16.5 ft x 56.5 ft in dimensions. You can forget the risks of this adventure sport. Now, dive in the comfort of indoor recreational zones, with protective aids for company. The tunnel boasts a tubular and tall acrylic-glass wall structure where all the action is. You are rest assured of a fair ifly Singapore price to engage and enjoy.

You should know about some of the most amazing facts about the place. The tunnel can accommodate almost 20 flyers at one go. Your ifly experience will last almost two hours. You also get to enjoy a few added attractions, including enjoying stunning and panoramic views of the S. China Sea and the beautiful Siloso Beach.

You can book the tickets online and have a gala time once you reach there. Skip the queues and enjoy your time with family and friends. Moreover, you can now enjoy single diving trips, or packages. Read on to know more about them.

SkyDive with Low Ifly Singapore Price

Your ifly Singapore ticket includes two dives. Each dive is of 45 seconds duration. Apart from the dives, the ifly Singapore price also includes skydiving and safety gear. You will receive basic training there. You can also make your own moves up there in the air. Now, you can avail yourself of a one-time or a two-time diving experience. Normal skydiving is very costly, and very few can afford it. Moreover, flying with an untrained trainer can put your life at risk.

However, you have got to remember certain things before you make that dive. You must weigh between 120-140 kg, and must be 7 years old at least. Additionally, you should not be pregnant or have any heart ailments. You should also not have a plaster cast. Moreover, you should not be under the influence of alcohol.

Indoor SkyDive and the Siloso Beach Experience

Now, you can enjoy the activity without any fears of hurting yourself. You don’t have to jump out of a plane to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping activity. If you are afraid to dive out in the open, this is the best option for you today.

All kinds of divers can experience this free fall. You can enjoy the Siloso Beach Walk as well. Moreover, you can easily head there from the Sentosa Beach Station.

Open Date Indoor SkyDiving Experience – Off Peak

You can enjoy the activities at off-peak timings, at subsidized rates. Moreover, it costs around SGD 89. You can undergo a pre-flight demonstration and safety exercise, before embarking on the actual journey. Additionally, you get the flight suit and safety equipment. You get to enjoy two skydives of 45 seconds each. The fun part is that you get a flight certificate after completion.

Open Date Indoor SkyDiving Experience – Normal Timings

In peak times you can enjoy the same inclusions at SGD 99. Experience the free-fall experience with mind-blowing technology.

Now, bad weather cannot stop you from enjoying your stay in Singapore. Get some souvenirs and gifts from the shops at the location. Your family and friends back home will love you for them. The ifly Singapore pricemakes it affordable and a fun thing to do.

Open Date Indoor SkyDiving Experience – Any Time

This one is even more lucrative for you, as you get a digital video of you free-falling through the tunnel. You have to pay $35 extra for this experience. Thus, you can understand that the packages are very affordable. You can have a great time with your family and friends in the indoor venue. It costs upwards of SGD109.


If you buy your tickets online, you have to redeem them within 90 days. You simply have to enter the reservation office, show the valid voucher with the QR code and book your flight. You can also make an advance reservation at least three days in advance.

However, it will be subject to availability. For advance requests, you can also send an email to the desired email id as informed. You may have to get a band on entry to the attraction.

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