Immersion Blenders or Handheld Blenders

Immersion blenders or handheld blenders are the blenders that are used thoroughly among kitchens. Today handheld blenders/stick blenders have taken up pace due to its simple and effective use. It is a convenient kitchen tool to have around.

They are also incredibly versatile because of their multi-functionality and easy to go with attachments. However immersion blenders are different from food processors and hand mixers. Immersion blenders are used to make smoothies, purees and sauces.

When shopping for an immersion blender it is important to choose the one that is easy to use and has minimal effort required with its attachment and most of all it should be easy to clean. There are many companies today that are providing multi types of handheld blenders and are keeping its use simple and easy. When shopping for the handheld blender it’s also important to go for the product that has a nice clean grip along with other features so it should not overheat excessively.

If you are a fan of smoothies and shakes this is a must have tool in your kitchen. These blenders take minimum space on your kitchen counter and will not make your shelves occupied with its presence.

Immersion blenders are a go to tool when you are in a hurry and you have a minimum time to spare for your morning smoothies then handheld blenders come for a rescue because of its easy attachments and without unpacking your excessive food processors for a mere smoothie.

There are so many blenders in the market and every blender comes with its additional tools and attachments.

Types of Immersion Blenders

There are so many immersion blenders that can be considered while shopping for one:

There are blenders that come with a whisk attachment along with the blender to make it look fancy and more reliable with whiskers. Then there are also immersion blenders that come with simple wands and are much cheaper and affordable. These wands just come with the operating buttons on its top to control the power. Then there are also immersion blenders that come with the option of chopping attachments in which you can chop small portions for dips and mashed potatoes.

There are also blenders that come with three to four interchangeable blades and can do way more than just making smoothies and purees and dips. There are also cordless blenders and heavy duty stix immersion blenders that are commonly used in kitchens.

Overall there are so many options if you are planning on buying an immersion blender. The only prime purpose is to make your kitchen counter less equipped and make your kitchen look modern and up to date. These blenders come with incredibly affordable prices and are simple to use. This is a must have tool to keep in your kitchen. It’s a smart tool to begin with.

The easiest way to shop for an immersion blender is to make your priorities clear and narrow down your requirements of a blender and about the purpose you are buying the blender for. By doing this you will automatically be more focused on the product you are going for.


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