Information about the second career program funding

Information about the second career program funding

Second chances in life are rare but they can become an important platform based on which one can re-define their life. Getting laid off from work is among the hard realities of the job market but the Ontario government gives its residents a chance to re-start their career in a whole new way with the help of second career program. 

In case you are also interested in being part of the initiative and wish to apply then you need to know more about second career program details. Now, you might be wondering if you are applicable for this program or not, to find out read on. 

Eligibility criteria for the program 

Given the drastic change in the economy and the dire need for skilled labours, the Government of Ontario has created a Second Career Strategy which will help residents to find new job opportunities in the labour market. 

Though, this program does have some eligibility requirements that need to be met and the most crucial among them is that you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of the province of Ontario. This scheme is not for foreign nationals who are not permanent citizens of Canada. 

Secondly, to apply for this scheme, you need to be unemployed, laid off or you can also be in a temporary job position where job hours are 19 hours per week. 

To validate all the above information, you have to produce some records which can include past employment history. The documents produced must state the tenure of your employment which includes cover and correspondence letter from employer. You are also required to present proof of your educational qualification to apply for a second career program. 

By the way, to get funding for the program, you have to briefly talk of your skillset and the requisite course that can help you land a suitable job role. Here is more on this. 

Second career program funding 

The second career program gives every eligible candidate up to $28,000 in tuition, books, transport and living expenses. Everyone is assessed on an individual basis to decide if they are eligible for all the above benefits. Though, in case you are considered eligible then you are not required to pay any of the expenses back. 

Another point to consider is that while applying, you have to specify the cost covered during the entire program. You might be required to make some personal contribution to the entire sum but that entirely depends upon your gross income. 

The best way to go about this process is to get in touch with an employment services agency who will guide you through the process and also help you choose the right program as well. They will also assist you with the entire application process. 

Though, if you are unable to get in touch with them then you can connect with the Employment Ontario Counsellor through the Ontario Government website who will guide you through the process. They will help you in finding a counsellor in your area and also answer all kinds of query that you have regarding the second career program.

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