Instagram Influencer Marketing 101: The Facts You Need to Know

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time browsing Instagram, you’ve probably seen users with large followings promoting all sorts of different products, services, and items. This is a relatively new form of marketing with a huge reach that many businesses haven’t yet moved to take advantage of.

If you’re new to the concept of Instagram influencer marketing, you might be curious as to how it works and what might be involved. There’s a lot that isn’t discussed about this kind of marketing, so you can’t be blamed for feeling in the dark.

How does influencer marketing work and how effective is it at the end of the day? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

Why have so many businesses become interested in recent years in advertising via Instagram? The answer can be found in the massive amount of reach many influencer types have on the platform.

As we all know, most consumers look to their friends and family for recommendations. People tend to trust those close to themselves over the word of brands and advertisements. However, Instagram influencers maintain a gray-area spot. 

They provide a connection to users that isn’t quite branding and feels more like a friend recommendation. This means they have a unique way into the hearts and minds of their followers.

Instagram has a huge user base and gets a ton of engagement and interactions from its users. It’s the perfect platform to get word of a new product or service out to an audience. With the help of an influential account, it can even be easy.

What to Know About Instagram Influencer Marketing

If you’re curious about working with an Instagram influencer to help get the word out about your business, there are some basics you’ll need to know.

The first question on your mind likely has to do with cost. The more followers, and thus the more reach that an Instagram user has, the more they will likely charge for their services.

Typically, these influencers will charge per post. Someone with a lower amount of followers might charge $100 or $200 per post. However, those who have more than a million followers might ask for a price in the thousands to get the word about your business out.

It all depends on the account and the desires of the account owner.

Finding and connecting with the right influencer for your brand can also be a challenge. There’s no point in paying for a post if the audience that follows a particular influencer isn’t likely to respond well to your brand.

Search through existing branded hashtags to help find influencers who are promoting products or services similar to your own. You can learn more about influencer marketing to help find an individual who might be right for you. 

Expanding Your Reach

It can be hard to get the word out of your business with all the competition online. Embracing the power of Instagram influencer marketing can help you to achieve your goals and become a success.

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