Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

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With advancements in technology, it always gets exciting to anticipate what lies in the future when it comes to technological advancement. One of which we will be discussing is the Interior design trends to look forward to in 2020.

2020 being the start of a new decade, it’s interesting to see what styles and trends will make waves in the coming weeks and months. Notably, every year comes with its own set of interior design trends used to inspire and freshen our residential design.

In this article, we will help you get ahead of the game by sharing some exciting trends of interior designs. Our focus is on the interior design firm in Singapore that has continued to progress with the latest trends to freshen clients’ homes.  Below are some exciting trends to look out for:  

  • Colors Inspired by Nature 

Mother Nature herself inspires the most trending shades of this year. This cut across leafy greens, oceanic blues, and some pops of autumnal red, orange, and gold.

In recent times, the most trending designs are the minimalist neutral designs. However, adding a little of nature-loving pops of color will enhance your living room’s look and bring it forward into the new decade.  

  • Create Texture and Pattern with Panelling 

Ever since the wall paneling design took off in the year 2019, the trend has not shown any sign of slowing down even up to this point. It is no surprise as it’s a trend that is pretty to look at and also practical.  

Paneling walls protect your walls and enhance installation and provide more opportunities for new pattern, texture, and pattern in your home. We advise that you can try to wall panel your bathroom, kitchen, patio, or hallway.  

  • Soft Curves

Before recent years, sharp and harsh lines are the norm of interior designs for several years, but with the rise of minimalism and modernism, things are now different and have taken softer turns. The focus now is on gentle contemporary curves.

Round curves help to bring a welcoming and more relaxing vibe to your home while it’s still trending. The design is compatible with so many interiors like rugs, armchairs, dining tables, etc.

It also helps to create some sharp contrasts as it’s used to pair these softer aspects with accessories in brass or concrete.

  • Raw Accessories 

Like colors, the trending accessories for the year 2020 are set to come directly from the natural world. These accessories include anything that evokes a natural look and feels in your living space. It can be a simple set of dried branches in a vase or a raw stone cladding.  

Other materials like timber and wicker can bring intrigue, texture, and nature to your home. You can decide to go outside the box using pebbles, dried leaves, and seashells.

  • Bring the Fun with Playful Touches 

A considerable part of 2020 will involve bringing fun into your home, and we at the interior firm in Singapore will be delighted to help you inject creativity into your decoration. Things seem too severe for a very long time now, and we seek to bring more fun with excellent touches to your house.

Do not be afraid to play with colors, accessories, and patterns. You can decide to add a piece of statement wall art used to reference pop culture or create a focal wall in an eye-catching hue. You can also introduce a retro item to your living room, like a sparkling disco ball, an antique bar cart, or anything you can add a little touch to your living space.


Ensure that you use this year to secure your dream home with our help. We have exciting interior design experts in Singapore whose desires are to help you design the home you’ve always desired.

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