Involved in Truck Blind Spot Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do


The first thing that comes to mind when involved in a car crash is the damage payment. Most people have their vehicles insured, but that does not guarantee that the insurer will pay the entire amount; especially, if it’s a blind side car accident. Whilst every single vehicle has a blind side – where the driver cannot see – but the blind spots in a truck and trolley are far more dangerous. And that’s why most accidents involve trucks and trolleys. 


So, if you too have suffered a car crash at the hands of a truck, what you need is a good attorney. Here are the different ways in which they can help. 


  1. They Collect Proofs


Whether it’s your insurer or the truck driver who has caused the accident, they will all try to prove that you’re at fault. That’s because if you’re proven guilty, you’ll be receiving very less amount for the damage you have suffered. Hence, attorneys collect proofs in the following ways on your behalf. 


  • They find witnesses who can testify that it was the truck driver’s fault. 
  • A lot of clues are hidden in the pictures of the crash site. And good attorneys know that. Hence, they’ll inspect each and every angle to make your case stronger. 


  1. They Prove You’re Innocent (or at lesser Fault)


As surprising as it might sound, but the state of Nevada practices the comparative fault law. It means, the person at fault will have to pay. So, if someone proves that the accident was your fault, you’ll actually have to pay for the damage to the other party instead of getting paid for the damage you’ve suffered. 


Hence, it’s important that you hire an attorney who can prove to the court that the accident wasn’t your fault. And if it was, then your part was minimal – meaning, the negligence on your part was less. 


For example, if the attorney is able to prove that you were, say, only 20% responsible for the accident, then your insurance amount will only be deducted by 20%, and you’ll be paid the entire 80% in full.


  1. They Sue the Guilty Parties on Your Behalf


It’s the responsibility of the attorney who’s representing you to sue the driver and/or the truck company who’s driver was responsible for the accident. 


And experienced attorneys have actually handled many such lawsuits where they have helped their clients get the rightful compensation for the mental, physical, and financial trauma that they suffer. 


All in all, the end goal of:


  • Chasing the insurance company is to make them pay the insurance amount that you deserve. 
  • Filing a lawsuit against the parties involved in the accident is to make them pay your medical bills and many other damages that you have suffered. 


Hence, make sure that you hire only experienced accident attorneys who can help you from the start until the very end.

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