Is Namecheap Hosting Worth in 2021


Namecheap is a hosting provider that has provided services since 2000. It is a very good service to work web with cPanel and WordPress. This is an international hosting provider, which means that it has many servers throughout the world.

In addition, Namecheap hosting has services such as domain registration, special hosting servers and specifically for WordPress with cPanel. It also has other functions that are quite useful for anyone who wants to design a website.

Below, you will find all the information you need to know if the hosting namecheap is the most suitable for you.

Why choose Namecheap hosting?

Namecheap hosting has a logo designer and sophisticated computer security, which makes the creative process of websites much easier. It is based in California, US, so it is very possible that your data will have a few notes.

But, in the same way, Namecheap hosting offers excellent security for your information. This provider stands out on various hosting plans. It offers special services for WordPress with cPanel, special servers and even reseller options.

The combination of all its features and the framework is planned to make namecheap hosting options that are quite tempting to rent. So, if you need a good provider for your WordPress site managed with cPanel, Namecheap is a fairly competitive service. complete guide is here.

Finding quality international hosting providers can give you some benefits for any project. Server availability, fast loading speed, affordable payment method, good discount or access to WordPress with cPanel is an important feature.

If you rent a service that does not meet the expectations needed for your project, you will experience technical problems during its development. This will disrupt negatively with the impact it has. Namecheap can help you avoid this problem.

It should be noted that most of these providers provide administrator access to their servers through cPanel. It’s very good to manage and install additional add-ons to your website. Of course, also to install WordPress and other CMS.

Services offered by Namecheap

Amecheap offers the following services on the website. It should be noted that each can be divided into subcategories, which may be more specialized in what you are looking for.

1. Hosting

Namecheap offers different hosting services. It ranges from traditional shared hosting to optimize WordPress plans. They also offer VPS and special servers with extraordinary features.

2. Website maker

This service is completely free with whatever hosting plan recruitment.

This is software that will allow you to design your web with visual elements, drag, and place it in the place you want.

This service has many templates, store optimization, payment gateways and other features such as responsive design and social networking.

3. Webmail

Namecheap has a special plan for e-mail. This allows you to choose a personalized domain, manage your account through an excellent interface and offer a good tool to help you fight spam.

4. VPN

This provider has its own VPN service, which is valued at £ 1.70 per month. It is suitable to change your IPS server as you wish. It has several locations and the connection speed is quite good.

5. Logo maker

Namecheap offers a pretty good logo creator that will help you provide good images to your website. It should be mentioned that this service is completely free, you can create and download your logo at no cost.

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