It’s the End: How to Know When a Relationship Is Over

No one wants to be the one to end a relationship, but being trapped in a loveless marriage or romantic relationship can be heartbreaking. It’s hard to know exactly when to put a stop to your relationship, especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

At what point should you finally end your relationship? How can you tell the time is right?

Ending your relationship may be scary, but there are signs you should pay attention to. Here’s how to know when a relationship is over.

You Can’t Communicate Properly

Communication is a crucial factor in any good relationship. Whether you’re having a minor discussion or a major disagreement, it’s important that both sides can get their feelings and opinions across openly.

If you feel that you aren’t being heard, or your partner tells you that you aren’t listening to them, you may be struggling in your relationship. Try to change your communication and listening habits before making any serious decisions. If after a while you or your partner still feel unheard, you may need to spend some time apart.

They Want to Spend Less Time Around You

Is your partner spending more time with friends and family or making excuses not to be around you? If so, that’s a clear sign that they may not be as satisfied in your relationship as you thought.

Take some time to talk with them while they’re home, and remember to actively listen to what they have to say. Don’t jump to any conclusions about who they’re with unless you have actual evidence.

You Can’t Control Your Anger

A lack of communication can make you more prone to frustration and angry outbursts. If you or your partner are struggling to control your anger, it may be time to step away from the relationship for a while. Continuing on while the relationship is rocky could lead to situations of abuse.

For help with anger management, you may want to consider seeing a couple’s counselor so that you can vent your issues safely.

Your Bedroom Life is Waning

Couples experiencing problems in their relationships often find that their sex life is lacking. This can mean either you aren’t being satisfied in the bedroom, or the two of you have stopped having sex altogether.

Low sexual activity can mean that your partner is becoming bored with your relationship or wanting something more from you.

You Pick Fights With Your Partner

Do you get into verbal or physical fights with your partner often or with little reason? Picking fights with your spouse signifies frustration and anger in the relationship, and when the arguments become petty, it’s time to step away from the relationship for a while.

Going Home Is the Last Thing You Want to Do

When a relationship is failing, one or both partners may find themselves dreading going home to their partner at the end of the day. If you find yourself constantly making excuses to keep yourself from going home, there may be a deeper issue that you need to address.

More Negatives Than Positives

Have you found yourself thinking about the negative memories and behaviors with your spouse more than the positives? Do you nit-pick all of the ways they annoy you or make you angry?

Considering only the negative attributes of your relationship or your partner is a sign that you’ve grown tired of your relationship. If you can’t think of any good times you’ve had together, then it’s ok to take a break.

You’re Bringing More to the Table Than Your Partner

It’s important for relationships to have an equal split of both labor and affection. For a good relationship to work out, both parties have to spend time working and giving equal amounts of love to each other.

If you feel that you aren’t getting as much from the relationship as you’re giving, then your relationship may be growing toxic. Take a moment to analyze what you and your partner do for each other to get a good idea of any unfair treatment in your household.

You Don’t Want to Spend Alone Time With Your Partner

When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Do you loath the idea of spending time with just them away from your friends or kids?

Getting time for just the two of you is important for building a healthy relationship. If being with your spouse one-on-one is an idea you hate, then your relationship may be unhealthy.

You Don’t Talk About the Future

Talking about the future and what comes next in a relationship is important for growth as a couple. If the two of you have stopped talking openly about your future together, one or both of you may not know if a future with the other exists.

Now That You’re Aware of How to Know When a Relationship Is Over

There are ways that you can get past any of the above problems should you find your relationship failing. Openly communicating as a couple is one way you can try to get through your issues on your own.

If you’re still struggling to talk things out as a couple, you may want to consider counseling. Marriage counseling is great for couples having a rough time in their relationship and may help open better communication between the two of you.

Of course, some problems may end up being too hard to solve, and you may need to separate completely. Lawyers can help you write up a mutual separation agreement for those occasions.

Move Into the Future Happily

There are many signs of how to know when a relationship is over. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs in your relationship, make sure you talk openly with your spouse about your issues so that you can try to work through them before jumping to any conclusions.

How were you able to tell that your relationship was over? Are there any signs that we’ve missed?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment down below, and continue reading our blog for more relationship advice.


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