Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’s Last Scene Reveals Major Clerks Setup


Jay & Silent Bob Reboot features a good callback to (and set up for) the to start with entry in Kevin Smith’s beloved See Askewniverse, Clerks.

Kevin Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob Reboot pays off a gag that was established up 26 several years in the past in the director’s first film, Clerks. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is a cameo-significant love letter to just one of the 1st cinematic universes to grace our screens Kevin Smith’s Perspective Askewniverse (named for his manufacturing business, See Askew). From Clerks, Smith retained characters like Jay (Jason Mewes) & Silent Bob (Smith), and his New Jersey location to inform much more stories accurate to his very own everyday living. Mallrats and Chasing Amy were next, just before relocating onto zanier fare like Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

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Following a brief stint experimenting with entire body horror in flicks like Tusk, Smith returned to the Check out Askewniverse to give a parody on Hollywood’s obsession with reboots: Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Itself a retread of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, the movie follows the titular people as they undertake a street vacation to Hollywood. Alongside the way, Jay discovers he has a teenage daughter, Milly, played by Smith’s actual-lifetime daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot also pays homage to a lot of of the earlier films in Smith’s oeuvre, which include characters these types of as Loki (Matt Damon) from Dogma and Holden McNeill (Ben Affleck) from Chasing Amy. There is even a special callback to Clerks.

Soon after the credits have rolled on Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, followers are addressed to just one remaining scene. The film switches back to Jay, Silent Bob, and Milly hanging all over exterior the Rapid End (a location fans ended up recently promised a return to in Clerks 3). Dante makes an attempt to at the time once more unlock the padlock to the shutters on the storefront, but yet again finds gum in the locks. He gives a peaceful, pissed off exclamation of “f*ck…” as Jay turns to Milly and states
“Oh, you see that male around there? For twenty 5 years we have been coming right here each night time and placing gum in the locks.”

Clerks was centered on Kevin Smith’s personal retail encounters, and he even shot the movie at the extremely grocery shop he labored at – the Brief Halt Grocery Retail store in Pink Financial institution, New Jersey. Owing to only being able to film in the retail outlet overnight, the young Smith concocted an in-movie reason for the shutters remaining down. An unidentified vandal had apparently positioned gum in the locks, major to most important clerk Dante (Brian O’Halloran) draping an iconic tarp more than the shutters, the information ‘I Guarantee YOU, We’re OPEN’ scrawled about it in shoe polish.
This reference in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is a brilliant callback that lands perfectly. As extended-time admirers of Kevin Smith will know, the gum in the locks of the Rapid Quit shutters have been haunting Dante for very well around two decades, and now thanks to Jay & Silent Bob Reboot we at last know the correct culprits: Jay and Silent Bob themselves. The absurdity of their perseverance to putting gum in the locks is the icing on the cake of Smith’s most recent entry into his self-produced franchise.
Jay & Silent Bob have come a long way between Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob Reboot – even heading as significantly as spawning a video sport – so it is good that the film wrapped up with a terrific gag about their origins.
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