Jon Urbana’s Innovative Crowdfunding Methods

Crowdfunding is all the rage in the 2015 tech world, and Jon Urbana has created and is running a CrowdRise campaign which raises funds for charitable causes. CrowdRise is considered the number one website for causes either charitable or personal. The CrowdRise website makes raising funds for charity quick and easy. It is said that an individual can create a website in “less than 43 seconds.” Examples of causes include marathons and personal charity causes and can be found on the CrowdRise website.

Jon Urbana is a dynamic lacrosse defenseman who contributes to the world of lacrosse through his camp for teenagers. Working in the Denver area, Jon Urbana had played for the Villanova Wildcats, and he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse, which is a summer camp for youths. The camp trains young people on how to play lacrosse, using creative methods of training like Urbana’s profile at Facebook and even articles that he shares to and The Verge.

Urbana also writes for his own blog, Jon Urbana’s Official Blog, and produces indie videos that he shares publicly at Vimeo. Here are two official videos that were custom made for this Crowdrise campaign.


Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.


Urbana is the Director of Ellipse USA. As a business professional written up in Bloomberg and other publications, his responsibilities include marketing and coordinating Regional Managers. He also handles their PR, writing press releases for his own Amazon ebook as well as the company’s initiatives. He reviews the progress of Ellipse’s business revolutionary IPL and Laser technologies, stays in communication with Regional Managers, and supervises the Marketing Department.

Imagine a furry cozy kitten or cat, and then consider abandoned and homeless cats. There is a problem with abandoned homeless cats in Denver Colorado. Jon Urbana has demonstrated a love for cats. One of Jon Urbana’s Charity Drives has created the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, ARAS. ARAS is a shelter for cats and provides a safe haven for cats. The shelter is a no-kill cat shelter. Jon Urbana is a longtime supporter of the care and protection of animals in general, and cats in particular. All funds collected are passed on to ARAS.

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