Joseph Metheny : Everything you need to know about him

Who is Joseph Metheny?

Joseph Metheny is convicted of killing two women namely Kimberly Spicer and Cathy Ann Magziner. A Baltimore resident, he was soon pronounced with death sentence, but that was turned to life imprisonment. He was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison. 

The guard centered in the prison duty found him to be unresponsive for long and that has made him in doubt. He was seen in his cell around 3 p.m on Saturday evening. Just after that, he was declared dead, resting any hopes of his survival. Since, there has been an official confirmation from the spokesman for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

What is the cause of death of Joseph Metheny?

The exact cause of death is yet not known but an enquiry has been initiated. While he was being sentenced, he seemed to be remorseful for what he had done and that he wanted to die, for God to judge him and send him to hell forever. He was sure that he would never be out of prison and that his last days of life would be spent right in the prison itself. His thought process did show that he repented his actions and he was too concerned about his future which he found to be in total darkness due to the heinous activities he has committed in the past. 

In 1998, the judge pronounced him not guilty for killing two men who were in a makeshift camp, as they didn’t have their own homes. 

There has been accusation that he used axe for killing them. However, he soon confessed of killing them. He later on went on to say that since he didn’t want to keep any trace of the bodies, so he disposed them in the Patapsco River. In Spite of that, there has never been any confirmation to the same though. 

Prosecutor has put a charge on him of killing the women, but he remained to be scot free, due to lack of evidence and the charges were soon dropped from him. 

He was working in a Southwest Baltimore pallet factory during the time of killing. On December 15th, the police were confirmed to have found the body of Spicer underneath a trailer in the same factory. Methendy disclosed the location to the police about where he had buried Magaziner 

As per the defense, the attorney from Metheny’s side has confirmed that even though he was a total of five siblings, everyone didn’t love him. Infact, he was mostly neglected and that started to build to his hate and animosity as over the time, it started piling up to such an extent that it resulted in such a bad outcome. While his father was a heavy drinker, but his mother was solely supporting the family, as she used to work in two shifts to make ends meet so that the children can have a supporting hand right through their growing years. 

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