KCJ Guide: How should you choose a Swimming Pool for your House?

Do you want to build a swimming pool at your house? Are you looking for some inspiration to build a swimming pool?

Choosing the right kind of swimming pool is essential. The perfect size, depth, patio and style of the swimming pool makes the house look beautiful. A swimming pool can not only beautify your house but also allows you to enjoy your weekends with your friends and family. How to choose the right swimming pool for your house? We’ve got some amazing tips and services to solve your problem.

We at KCJ Landscaping strive to build an amazing landscape & swimming pool for your villa in Dubai. Our swimming pool experts at KCJ Landscaping help you to choose the right swimming pool for your house. We consult with you and construct your dream swimming pool across the UAE. In this blog, we are going to share some tips to consider while choosing a swimming pool for your house.

3 tips for choosing a swimming pool for your house.

1.  Choose the right size and shape for your swimming pool.

Swimming pools tend to sustain in fenced areas. Your backyard can be the right place to build a swimming pool. Though backyards are more preferable for swimming pools, building them in the front yard also looks beautiful.

Decide these three things while building a swimming pool in your house:

  1. The right place. Decide whether you want to build your swimming pool in the back yard or front yard.
  2. A perfect size. While deciding the size of your swimming pool ask yourself questions like; How often do we keep parties? How many people gather in our parties? Who are the frequent users of the pool in your family? Getting answers to these questions can help in determining the right size of the pool for your house.
  3. A good shape. Would you like to have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool? Is anyone going to do laps in the pool? Decide the shape of the pool by answering these questions.

2. Do you want an In-ground or an above ground pool?

Both of these structures have their own advantages. An inground pool is quite expensive and sustainable. Whereas an above the ground pool is budget-friendly and less durable than an in-ground pool.

An in-ground pool can have varying depth but an above ground pool has the same depth all over.

Decide whether you want to have an inground or an above ground pool.

3. Choose a land to build your swimming pool.

If you want to build an in-ground pool of 5 feet, the land needs to be evacuated until 5 feet. On the other hand, if you are looking for an above ground pool, the surface area needs to be flat. The expense varies based on the kind of pool. Choosing good land is essential for building your dream swimming pool.


A good swimming pool beautifies your home. Considering the tips mentioned in this blog can help you to choose the right swimming pool for your house. Also, our expert architects at KCJ Landscaping can make the process easier by providing the right consultation and services to you across the UAE.

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