Work from Home Tips: Use Your Laptop Maintaining Utmost Efficiency

Work From Home

Work from Home has become a new routine that everyone is starting to adapt to. Meanwhile, the new shift in change has been abrupt and many have succumbed to the whole idea. Being used to a certain lifestyle, going to work by traveling, back and forth, has always been the style.

But now, the majority of people are worried about having zero to fewer productivity levels while working at home. It is a drastic change, especially for those who’ve switched from high-end desktops to laptops. That itself implies that adaptation could take a while. But, one can make the most out of a laptop from home.

All you need to do is have certain tools and the necessary items to increase productivity while working from home. So, let’s find out how you can use the most out of your laptop.

Useful Items for an Optimal Use of Your Laptop

To increase your productivity levels, use your laptop as optimally as possible. Here’s how you can make the entire free from any hassle:

1. Mouse/Keyboard/Stand

When you switch to Work from Home, you won’t get the level of comfort as you used to get in office. But however, you can invest in a good laptop, mouse, and keyboard along with a laptop stand. This way, you can adjust the stand to your comfort, use a work based keyboard and mouse for better results.

Alongside, if you have a separate monitor screen then you can connect it to your laptop through the HDMI port and get a better display resolution. It goes without saying that having a comfortable working asset would optimize the use of your laptop. Contact Laptop Repair Dubai for assistance regarding this.

2. Software Tools

Work from Home also requires your laptop to have the necessary software tools so that you can communicate with your team fast and better. Without these tools and software, working can become difficult. These tools are usually applications that help you to send messages, audios, other files, have access to files, getting remote control desktop connection, and more.

For example, you need applications such as Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom for video and audio conferencing. Creating and viewing documents using Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and more. For sharing your screen with your team, you can also use Zoom or Google Meet. And lastly, for taking screenshots of your screen, you can get a Snipping Tool or SnagIt.

3. Invest in Microphones & Headsets

As you know, all laptops come with Audio ports that can be used as both microphone and headphones. Thus, another great advantage of using it optimally is to make use of these ports. So, invest in good headgears so that you can communicate with your team easily. However, it is a big necessity to have a compatible headset that suits your laptop. Thus, to make sure if it is in proper working condition place a video call to any of your team members and test it out.

4. Keep Your OS Updated

Switching to laptops for Work from Home is tiring at first. But eventually, you may face another set of difficulties that include slowing down the system. Laptops have a considerable amount of RAM space that cannot be compared to that of a PC. So, when you work with heavy applications on your laptop, many other complications may arise- such as frozen screen, application crashing, and other bugs. This is why all laptops come with frequent updates.

Use these updates to your benefit. That is because these updates are responsible for fixing any underlying software bug issue. In the longer run, keeping your system updated, will smoothen the performance of your system and make it easier for you to work in peace.

5. Invest in Portable Wi-Fi

There are circumstances when you may face a power outage or an internet outage. At those times, working becomes impossible. Usually, the majority of workforces deal with cloud computing. This requires you to create, save, and make changes on cloud servers, which requires access to the internet all the time.

So, get yourself a portable Wi-Fi router that can support you throughout the working process. Or, you can also use your smartphone’s internet connection, connect it to the laptop through tethering and use it as long as you want. Or, seek help from Laptop repair Dubai to get more information on this.

6. Optimize other Components on the Laptop

Using a laptop can give you plenty of advantages but only when you have the right components. Before you switch to the work from home mode, tweak some things. For instance, get rid of the applications or program files that are no longer of use to you or the system. Simultaneously, clear caches, browsing history, and other junk files to make it run smooth. And lastly, make sure that your system has updated drivers.


You can use more features of your laptop during Work from Home. All you need to do is follow these tips on making the best use of it, and gradually explore other features as you start incorporating new possibilities.

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