Looney Tunes-Everything You Need To Know About This DARK Origin

Looney Tunes-Everything You Need To Know About This DARK Origin
Looney Tunes-Everything You Need To Know About This DARK Origin

The Looney Tunes is one of the best cartoon comedies that has been telecasted on an American animated sitcom. The show ran from 2011 to 2014, on Cartoon Network. It is a creation of DC Comics. Recently a dark origin story has been revealed by the DC group about the cast of the show. The horrifying story that had been uncovered is about some beloved characters of the show. Looney Tunes has been popular because the entire generation grew watching it. Also, it has added the most beautiful memories to almost all of our childhood.

The beloved denizens of the comic book story are not realistic but they are liked a lot. All these anthropomorphic animals are liked by the fans because they used to exist in a family-friendly manner. But as mentioned in the pages of DC’s LOBO or DC Road Runner Special it has been proven that the beloved character of the favorite cartoon show has a dark and almost David Cronenberg-Esque story after them. The most liked show that is telecasted on each Saturday morning has some horror stories associated with its casts. DC has previously released many one-shot books like this one. It started its own character from the Looney Tunes. Several team-ups are also made by DC, which includes Cat Women with Tweety and Sylvester, Batman teams up with Elmer Fudd, Wonder Women along with Tasmanian Devil and some others.

However, the story of Wile E. Coyote, Lobo, and the Road Runner revealed to readers that Tunes are from man-made genetic abomination. That man-made genetic rampage all over the world.

The looney tunes Book Story: when it begins?

The beginning of the story took place with the debut of Wile and his avian counterpart, in the year 1949. Their debut included a pair of scientists, who were from ACME, tranquilized coyotes in the Desert of Nevada. One of the workers from throwaway lines complained that the collected wabbit, they had was too small to have a tranquilizer shot. After the quarry was brought back to ACME Labs, which was located in Duckwater, NV, the name of the pair was revealed. The name is Dr. Adams and Dr. Daniels. The control unit display monitor and the chemical that filled book’s pages, but an eyebrow was raised by the large incubation vats. The reason that Adams and Daniels were collecting animals for ACME, was because the company was trying to splice Alien DNA with the Terrestrial DNA. Also, another fact that was known that the character with whom we encountered till now is the result of twisted experiment.

Although ACME had outlandish many products like Jet bikes, Tornado Seeds, and Jet-propelled Unicycles, yet this one seems much even for them. It is much clarified when Daniels says, “Does anyone else find it strange that ACME Labs has gone from building a better mousetrap to weird science in just a couple years?” On this, another scientist, Dr. Caldwell, who seems working on this project, explains, “By observing the mutation in these animals we can surmise how the alien DNA could alter and enhance human biology.”  He means that his test could help in having, increased stamina, strength, and intelligence. Then an explosion occurred in the lab and all the characters escaped from there and also the normal coyote got transformed into a hot-tempered and hapless Wile E. Coyote, who is known by everyone and also beloved. This is how Looney Tunes came into existence, according to DC.

Looney Tunes More details

In had never been explained about Roswell, where ACME had gotten the Alien DNA for the first time. Also in the previous book, the end of the series was shown with Marvin and Martian in the custody of the government. This was due to a misadventure that took place with Martian and Manhunter, so it could be theorized. However, DC and Looney Tunes could be blamed directly if some get disappointed by the fact that their favorite childhood characters are just some science experiment that is out of their belief.

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