Madonna Joins Forces With Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Creating the COVID-19 Vaccine

Madonna Joins Forces With Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Creating the COVID-19 Vaccine

Madonna says that she had been extremely impressed by the foundation and the way it worked for the sake of the affected Covid 19 patients. The foundation was originally owned by the business magnate-philanthropist who has been working towards issues that are primarily focused on finding the 7 different research labs that were working day and night so as to come up with a cure for the Covid 19. The pop diva Madonna thus, takes up the pledge to support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in helping them to get a vaccine that will make this deal possible of treating the novel Coronavirus. 

Madonna expresses her gratitude to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

If you have been following Madonna on her official website, you would probably have come after her statement there on Friday where this 61 year old singer says that she was actually very much impressed by the motif of the foundation and the way they had been carrying out this work of helping out these people at such a time of crisis. She was so touched at the foundation’s attempts that she herself took up the pledge of joining them and helping them out all over again.

She thus says that she will be joining the Foundation and help her best to encourage their effort in finding a drug that will probably treat or prevent the Covid 19.

This outbreak has got a massive impact on the countrymen across all the nations of the world and she believes that sitting idle isn’t a solution.

She would love to help the foundation and would be proud if they could make this vaccine a success after such a huge toil. She says that it’s now the end of the hour wherein we all should come up together and protect our health care practitioners who have become the most vulnerable individuals to this deadly Covid 19. Not just these health workers, their friends and families have become equally susceptible to this outbreak now. She appreciates the efforts of the team and expects to see better and positive results in the days to come!

The critical scientific progress of the Accelerator has to say that they have been trying to end this pandemic and prevent future impact of the virus by harnessing all the strength and knowledge of this research community. She further says that she sends enormous gratitude from her part to the courageous medical professionals, scientists and the first responders who are serving the world by protecting the communities who are either being forced to suffer and becoming the most vulnerable in the process. 

Coronavirus: A great equaliser

Madonna, the music icon, in her statement kept on saying that the Coronavirus is actually a great equaliser and it does absolutely no discrimination between the rich and the poor of the country. It doesn’t even bother about whether or not you are famous, funny or smart. It hardly cares about your age, your residential location or anything else. She ends her note by saying that this pandemic even compelled her to cancel two of her concerts that were supposed to be held in Paris. 

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