Mahabaleshwar- A small hill-town

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India has many hilly places which are quite famous for its beautiful mountains and natural waterfalls. The clean and peaceful environment attracts many tourists from all the corners of the world to take the view of these natural beauties which are worth watching. Everyone deserves a break from their regular routines to enjoy peace and calm their minds from their stressful lives. So, it always the best idea to visit these quiet and relaxing places.

In India, Mahabaleshwar is one of the known hill-towns located in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar is well known for its freshwater rivers, cascades, and high peaks. It is also considered as a sacred place as the Krishna River originates from here. It is said that the river water comes from the sculpture of a cow’s mouth which is in an old temple of Mahabaleshwar. It is fully covered with lush green trees and dense forest slopes. This small town was under British Raj and some of the constructions from the British era can be seen. This is famous with the name of ‘Queen of Hill Station’ of Maharashtra. In ancient times, it was the summer capital of the British and comprises some ancient historical temples, schools, evergreen forests, and high mountains. You can also visit some sunset points which you can enjoy from the high peaks.

Following are some points to know about Mahabaleshwar:

  • Climate – The climate of Mahabaleshwar is always pleasant. During summers, the climate is very cheerful with sun warmth of 35-degree Celsius. In the winter months, the temperature drops down to 5 degrees Celsius and it becomes chilly. Due to evergreen forests, it rains a lot in the monsoon season leaving the trees all green and blingy. The temperature during monsoon ranges from 12-15 degrees Celsius. Although, Mahabaleshwar has a welcoming season every month.
  • Best time to visit – The best time to visit is from September to May. These months welcome the tourists with a blend of breezy air and warmth. The rain will make the sky all clear and will bring shiny effects on the trees, making everything appealing to the eyes. The mountains lighten up and clean roads attract visitors to enjoy the weather.
  • Culture and language – There is a mix of ancient Maharashtrian culture and modern culture. Marathi is the common language spoken by locals followed by Hindi and English. The most famous festival is the Ganesh Chaturthi, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm.
  • Local specialties – Mahabaleshwar markets are filled with local specialities which include strawberries, raspberries, carrots, honey, gooseberries, and other fruit products such as jams, handmade chikki, marmalades, jellies, etc. They also celebrate strawberry festivals in the month of March which is of two days. This small hill station also specializes in handcrafted leather footwears like famous Kohlapuri slippers etc. Tourists love to buy these handmade things as a remembrance or to gift their friends and relatives.
  • Clothes – As the weather remains pleasant through the year, it is advised to carry some light woollens which will help you during the evenings. Otherwise, you can carry full covered light clothes during other seasons.
  • Attractions – There are many high green mountains, lakes and rivers, ancient temples holding great history. You can explore Venna Lake which has beautiful surroundings, and you can do activities like horse-riding, boating, etc. Dhobi waterfall is also one of the main attractions. It is a natural waterfall and tourists like to enjoy the view. Also, there are some temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also believed that the Krishna River was originated from a sculpture of cow’s mouth. A famous roman catholic church is also in the centre of the Mahabaleshwar which is a British architecture.
  • Stay – You will find many luxurious hotels in this small town. You will get 3, 4, and 5-star hotels, whichever suits your budget. These hotels offer exotic homestay with all the luxuries and amenities. Also, you can book a villa in Mahabaleshwar with a sunny side view or a mountain view. Always try to book the hotel in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • How to travel to Mahabaleshwar – Mahabaleshwar is widely connected with the cities and states. The closest airport and railway station is Pune from which further you can book a taxi to reach your destination. You can also travel from Mumbai, Satara, etc.

All above are some points to know about the Mahabaleshwar place. You can take the help of travel agents or known travel websites which are best in providing guidance. They will also help you to make a package considering all the necessary things required by you. It is always a great idea to book from trusted online sites because of the following reasons:

  • Genuine feedback – These websites provide genuine feedbacks of the hotels or other places. This will help you to compare and choose the best one out of many. Also, you can spare some time to compare the prices of hotels from different websites.
  • Offers and deals – They will provide you with amazing deals and offers and you can enjoy the luxuries at less possible costs. They will make everything in your budget, leaving you stress-free.
  • Hassle-free arrangements – They always make sure to arrange the best things for you starting from the transfers, to hotels, to visiting places. They always assure to give the best to their clients to make their stay memorable and hassle-free.
  • Locations – They always get you the hotel at the place you want. Some prefer calming spaces while some want in the middle of the city. Keeping your preferences in their mind, they give you the best they can in accord with your choices.
  • Flexibility – They are flexible enough to shift the dates of travel if possible. You need not worry if you are not able to make to the trip on the desired date. You can postpone or cancel the trip and get a possible refund.

So, above are some reasons to choose online travel agencies which will help you to make your trip comfortable and worth remembering.

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