Male Infertility- Everything You Need To Know

Male Infertility


Most of the time we tend to focus in women and their fertility issues, which generally because women tend to be better at taking care of themselves. In fact due to periods and contraception they have a tendency to visit doctors from a way earlier age. But guys would be surprised to hear that approximately 33 percent or one-third of all fertility issues are literally down to the guy. So, in this article, Dr. Hrishikesh will discuss about male fertility issues. He is one among the best IVF specialist in India who is offering holistic fertility look since many years.

He says, “Over the past 40 years, the men’s sperm count has dropped by about sixty percent which is quite terrifying if you think about it.” So, it is very important for you to know about the factors effecting male fertility. Dr. Pai says, to understand the factors & their impact you should have a clear idea about sperm count.


Sperm Count-

Male Infertility

So what’s once we say man’s sperm can or what can we mean by sperm kind? Well, there’s a few of things we measure. So if you are doing a sperm analysis or send your semen for analysis, the doctors or scientists are looking down the microscope out there trying to find the number of sperm and they are trying to find the standard of the sperm. So, they’re looking to ascertain how good a swimmer they’re, what size and shape they’re, etc. They also consider if they have a good tail, if they’re good size and shape and if they can swim well, along with the quantity. So, those four or five factors structure what we call a sperm count.


Factors Affecting Male fertility-

So what factors could be considered once we mention male infertility or what factors might we be ready to reverse or modify to enhance your fertility? Well, broadly we might divide them into certain headings. So for instance, lifestyle factors and former history of sexually transmitted infections and weight. The fourth factor would be genetic factors. So, we’re going to explain a bit more detail about those factors.


Lifestyle Factors-

Male Infertility 

When we say lifestyle factors we actually means the habits of a person such as smoking, drinking, drug addiction etc. Particularly marijuana & hash smoking has a very negative impact on sperm count and sperm quality. Very heavy cigarette smoking & excessive alcohol consumption has also been found to have a negative impact. So if you’re really trying to conceive we might recommend that you should simply try to quit any of the above mentioned bad habits.


Excessive exercise-

Male Infertility

Yes, it might sound strange but over exercise cause increased stress hormones. It can reduce the quantity of testosterone on your body which can successively reduce the quantity of sperm being produced. At the same time, lack of exercise also will have a negative impact. It’ll reduce the testosterone being produced in your body.



The third major factor would be weight, if you’re really underweight or if you’re really overweight. So, same like women trying to conceive any extremes of weight may be a really bad idea for men too. It is all associated with testosterone also as other hormones. So, being overweight or underweight will cause an issue in testosterone levels which may affect the standard of your sperm or your sperm count.


Genetic Factor-

This is one among the main factors and unfortunately there is not much we can do about this. You might have a genetically low sperm count and you might also have certain conditions like an autoimmune condition where your own antibodies will attack your own sperm and you will not even be able to know about this problem until you go through detailed fertility tests.



Testicles got to be at a lower temperature because it improves sperm quality. So, very tight-fitting boxer shorts or laptops in your lap all day long are bad habits. So, it’s important to wear loose-fitting underwear and to not have a laptop in your laps, and to not increase the temperature of your groin if you’re trying to conceive.


Testosterone Level-

lots of our male patients say that they are really worried that they’ve got fertility issues and most of the time it’s unfounded in there and they’re just worried. So, if you and your partner are trying to conceive for a few year, then only we might suggest you to get your sperm analyzed. Another thing you can do is get your testosterone level checked. Because the formation of sperm is controlled by testosterone. So, if you’ve low testosterone levels, you’ll naturally have low sperm quality & less sperm count.


Signs of Low Testosterone Level-

So, signs of a low testosterone level would be reduced libido or reduce drive and you’ll feel a little jig and be sluggish or feel low or depressed. You would possibly have difficulty getting or maintaining erections. They’re just a few of the brief signs of a low testosterone level.


Whatever the reason is, need not worry as your doctor will definitely resolve your problem. So, don’t get depressed, visit a doctor & share your problem to get a perfect solution.

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